Casey Affleck Responds to Rumors He Threw out Ana de Armas Cutout Following Brother Ben's Breakup

Ben Affleck's brother Casey Affleck is confirming that he was not the one who threw out the cardboard cutout of Ana de Armas following their split. Fans noticed a photo that was taken in front of Affleck's house where someone was seen throwing the picture away, and fans couldn't help but speculate it may have been Casey. However, while Casey is confirming that was not him, he isn't confirming whether the two are actually split up or not.

"No, that's not me, and I can't even really say if they have totally broken up for good or whatever," he told ET Canada before admitting he was actually going to use the picture moment to share a joke with fans, but then decided not to. "I would leave that to them to speak to. A bunch of people sent that picture to me and I was gonna tweet some, like, joke, response or something. And then I couldn't think of one and a joke didn't seem appropriate."

"And I don't have Twitter," he added, "so that wasn't going to work. But it definitely wasn't me." Casey then noted that he imagines this past year has been extremely challenging for couples, but "I wouldn't know because I've been single." He did gush over de Armas saying, "I think Ana is just the sweetest, funniest, smartest, most charming person. I think she won't have any problems meeting somebody else."

He also complimented her on her acting skills, saying that he was able to view her performance in an upcoming film titled Blonde where she plays Marilyn Monroe. "I would bet a lot that she's gonna pick up every single award. She's gonna have a good year. I'm not too worried about her," he said. Calling her quite the "catch" he also said he believes his brother won't have any issue finding someone new either.

Affleck and de Armas recently called it quits, leaving fans stunned. The two started dating in 2020 and became the most talked-about couple of the year. However, things were a little more complicated than what met fans' eyes. According to one source who spoke with Closer Weekly, the actor has been "struggling" since their split. Another source told PEOPLE that de Armas "broke it off" because their "relationship was complicated. Ana doesn't want to be Los Angeles-based and Ben obviously has to since his kids live in Los Angeles."