Cardi B Wins Legal Battle in Defamation Case

Cardi B just scored another win in her legal battle with blogger Tasha K. According to a report by TMZ, Tasha K has been forced to delete several of her old posts which were deemed defamatory toward Cardi. She has a chance to appeal the decision, so she has not deleted the posts just yet.

Cardi and Tasha have been entangled in lawsuits for months over Tasha's YouTube videos, blog posts and other social media output revolving around Cardi's personal life. Tasha has made accusations of drug use, child endangerment and infidelity that are based only on unverifiable rumors, and have been proven false in some cases. Cardi sued Tasha for defamation and a jury ruled in her favor back in January. Now the courts are tasked with carrying out that decision to the best of their abilities.

A judge in Atlanta, Georgia reportedly signed an injunction ordering Tasha to delete several of her posts on Monday, April 4. These included old videos and posts which claimed, among other things, that Cardi has worked as a prostitute before rising to fame, had knowingly spread sexually transmitted infections to various partners and was addicted to cocaine. She also made claims about Cardi cheating on her husband, rapper Offset.

The injunction gave Tasha just five days to delete all of these posts. Her legal team and Cardi's had to agree on the terms of this order. However, Tasha reportedly plans to push for an appeal before the deadline is up in the hopes of turning the whole case around.

Tasha could also win the appeal after the fact, in which case she would need to file to have the injunction modified in order to save her posts. At that point, she would need to re-post them, which would mean starting from scratch with all the social media analytics scrubbed.

Of course, it's unclear how the court case has impacted Tasha's standing on social media, but that would be a factor in the success of re-posts or even future posts. The blogger has taken a lot of heat from Cardi B fans on social media but has vowed to continue making content when she is able. At the time of this writing, it looks like Tasha K's YouTube subscriber count is back on the rise. She has not commented publicly on Monday's injunction.