Cardi B Teases 'Hustlers' Character Diamond in Behind-the-Scenes Selfie

Cardi B has given fans their first look at her new character, Diamond, in the upcoming movie Hustlers.

Cardi B is making her major film debut alongside Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers, due out this September. On Saturday, she gave fans their first sneak peek at her character, Diamond, who is a stripper. The rapper sported fishnets, a tiny bikini and open-toe high heels that sound all the way up her heavily tattooed legs.

"Y'all ready for DIAMOND to come to a theater near you this fall?" Cardi asked her followers. "HUSTLER MOVIE!"

(Photo: Instagram @iamcardib)

The post racked up over 4.3 million likes over the weekend, and many comments as well. Fans praised Cardi's look and congratulated her on the role, while also joking about her real-life background as a stripper.

"Shine bright like a diamond! Baby girl u a star!!!" one fan wrote.

"The stripper world ain't been the same since you left," lamented another.

"DIAMOND? As in Players Club??" wondered a third. "Idk we gotta give you a different strip club name that's a classic... you shine brighter than a diamond."

Of course, many fans also admonished Cardi B for showing so much skin in her post. Some even suggested that she was regressing by playing a stripper, or that she was somehow harming her daughter and her family.

"Have some class sis, your (sic) a mother now !!" commented one person.

"She's someone's wife and this is how she represents her family," marveled another, "[disgusting]."

Cardi B has never shied away from her history as a dancer — in fact, she stands by it as the career move for her at the time. Last year, she gave an interview with Howard Stern where she said that she still doesn't see any other way she could have escaped the cycle of poverty.

"I don't tell girls to go do it, but I am not going to front — it really saved me. It really saved me. Before I was at the strip club I was a cashier at [a] market," she said.

Hustlers follows a group of former strip club employees who join forces to turn the tables on some of their most wealthy clients from Wall Street. In addition to Cardi B and Lopez, it stars Julia Stiles, Constance Wu and Riverdale star Lili Reinhart.


The movie is based on a 2015 article from New York Magazine. The feature tells the story of the real life women who lived out the revenge fantasy.

Hustlers is due in theaters on Sept. 13, 2019.