Cardi B Apologizes for 'Real Housewives' Spoof of the Civil Rights Movement

Cardi B has reportedly apologized to Dr. Bernice King for a Real Housewives-style skit where she played Coretta Scott King.

Cardi B starred alongside other female comedians in a skit made for a show called Off the Rip, from Wild 'n Out star Rip Micheals. In it, she plays Martin Luther King Jr.'s wife, Coretta, opposite characters like Rosa Parks and Betty Shabazz, wife of Malcolm X. It began as a joke about these iconic women drinking white wine and dishing as if they were Real Housewives stars, though it included a number of jokes about Martin Luther King Jr.'s alleged infidelity, and even his assassination.

It is unclear when Off the Rip will premiere, or even what network it is destined for. By all appearances, the video debuted on TMZ in the early hours of the morning. According to the outlet, Dr. Bernice King made a public response around 9:30 a.m., condemning the skit as "repulsive" and "false." However, just a few hours later she posted a more positive message on Twitter, where she said that Cardi B had reached out to her directly.

"Thank you, [Cardi B], for reaching out to me and apologizing for the skit that aired on TMZ. I look forward to talking with you soon." The rapper herself has not responded to King's tweet, though the show's creator Rip Micheals did.

"Hello Ms. King I [am] looking forward to speaking to [you] so u can get a full understanding of skit & understand," he wrote.

Micheals gave an interview with Page Six last week announcing Cardi B's involvement. The comedian was ecstatic to have her on board, calling comedy one of her "secret strengths."

"You're going to see Cardi B in a whole new light," Micheals said. "She's doing crazy sketches, like she has this thing called 'Ho Etiquette' where she does this character where she tells how do women to handle their inner ho and how to do a relationship."

At the time, Micheals reportedly teased the existence of the "Real Housewives of Civil Rights" sketch, but it debuted on Tuesday without further warning.


"To see Cardi in a comedic light is amazing because she's way, way funnier," he went on.

Micheals posted a snippet of TMZ's coverage on Instagram on Tuesday, featuring another Cardi B skit from the show. He explained that the show wrapped production recently, and is still searching for a network.