Cardi B Makes it Official: She's Having a Girl

Cardi B and fiancé Offset are having a baby girl.

Following a slip up at the Met Gala, the rapper, who is seven months pregnant with her first child, revealed the gender of her baby Wednesday on The Howard Stern Show, according to Page Six.

"I'm having a girl," she told Stern, adding "I didn't pick the name so if you interview my dude he'll tell you."

The reveal came just a day after the "Bartier Cardi" rapper, 25, let the secret slip while speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the Met Gala on Monday night in New York City, despite having previously remained tight-lipped regarding her pregnancy and the baby's gender.

When asked about her baby kicking, Cardi responded, "Oh, she wants to fight me!"

She had also seemingly referenced her child's sex in a pre-Met Gala interview with The New York Times, sharing her baby's current weight.

"Shorty weighs three and a half pounds," Cardi revealed. "She do! She do weigh three and a half pounds."

"That's pretty good for seven months, right?" she asked those assembled in her hotel room before the gala. "Because I was born five pounds."

Since confirming her pregnancy during a performance on Saturday Night Live in April, Cardi has been candid about her journey to becoming a mom.

Soon after her SNL reveal, Cardi appeared on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, where she discussed her pregnancy, hitting back at those who questioned her decision to keep her baby.

"I just wanted this for myself," the 25-year-old explained, via Rolling Stone. The rumors, she added, put strain on her. "Like why she doing that in the height of her career, and it's just like why can't I have both?…I'm gonna say this in the most humblest way, I'm a millionaire. I'm established…The industry is never promised, but I know that if I make the right money move, I'm gonna always have money."


Offset is already a father to three children, two sons, Jordan and Kody, and a daughter, Kalea Marie, and Cardi explained that no matter what happens, the Migos rapper will always be there for their child.

"You know, I'm getting married," she said. "Everybody wants to joke around, 'Oh you're the fourth baby mama,' this, this and that, but I'm getting married. And even though so, let's say God forbid we don't, my man is a great father to his kids, so I will never lose. I'm not having a baby with a deadbeat."