Cardi B Bundles up With Massive Fur Coat for the Super Bowl

Cardi B posted a glammed up picture on Instagram on Friday revealing her all-black winter wear, with some fans wondering if she’s preparing for a cold afternoon in the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Super Bowl LII.

Cardi B was one of the biggest break out stars of 2017, so it would surprise no one to see her at one of the most high-profile American sporting events on Sunday. The “Bodak yellow” rapper hasn’t been shy about accepting corporate gigs and endorsement deals, so she could easily be a paid guest at the NFL’s biggest day of the year.

“HAT, GLOVE, COAT, BOOTS BY [Jennifer Le],” Cardi B wrote in the caption of her photo. Jennifer Le is a fashion designer with her own shop, selling lots of high end winter wear. She posted the same photo of Cardi B, writing “[Cardi B] drippin’ from head to toe.”

HAT,GLOVE,COAT,BOOTS BY @iamjenniferle

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Whether she’s going to be in the stands on Sunday or not, she’s already set to take part in everyone’s favorite part of the show -- the ads. Cardi is appearing in an Amazon commercial as one of the celebrity voices of Alexa. The commercial features a hypothetical emergency where Alexa “loses her voice,” and a series of celebrities have to fill in for her.

Cardi is one of them, wearing a headset with the swirling blue-green circle of the Amazon Echo on the side. She answers her customers’ requests in a comically unhelpful, distinctly Cardi B-esque way.

“Alexa, how far is Mars?” A teenager asks in the preview for Sunday’s ad.

“How far is Mars? Well how am I supposed to know?” she says mockingly. “This guy wanna go to Mars! For what? There’s not even oxygen there,” she cackles.

The Super Bowl begins at 6:30 p.m. ET.