Cardi B Calls out 'Clout Chaser' President Trump Amid Proposed Border Wall Plans

Cardi B is not a fan of Donald Trump's plan to build a border wall, with the rapper using Instagram Live on Wednesday night to share her views on the subject as well as the President himself.

In her video, Cardi B said that Trump "promised these motherf—ers something that you know you couldn't do. You promised these f—ing racist rednecks that you was gonna build the wall, but you know that was impossible. But they voted for you and you promised them this s— so now you have to do it."

The "I Like It" singer further took aim at Trump, calling him a "clout chaser" and explaining, "He's like one of these new rap artists — they follow, they do the most for clout. And Trump wants that."

"Some people can have money, all the power in the world, but they really want that fame," the 26-year-old added. "His legacy, he wants to go down as that bad person."

Cardi B also alleged that POTUS has been reaching out to minority communities in an effort to gain support there.

"Trump has begged...I be knowing 'cause y'all not in the scene, but Trump wants to be cool with basketball teams, football teams and black people," she said. "He want to be cool with them. He wants validation from what's popping right now."

The New York native also addressed the current government shutdown, which is now going on 26 days, the longest in the country's history.

"I just wanna remind you that it's been a little bit over three weeks," she said. "Trump is now ordering...federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid...This is serious. Our country is in a hellhole right now. All for a...wall."

"I feel like we need to take some action," the rapper continued. "I don't know what type of action...because this is not what I do. But...I'm scared."

Cardi B has previously opened up about her interest in history and government, telling GQ last year that she loves political science.

"I love government. I'm obsessed with presidents. I'm obsessed to know how the system works," she shared, even reflecting on the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.


"First of all, he helped us get over the Depression, all while he was in a wheelchair," she said. "Like, this man was suffering from polio at the time of his presidency, and yet all he was worried about was trying to make America great — make America great again for real. He's the real 'Make America Great Again,' because if it wasn't for him, old people wouldn't even get Social Security."

Photo Credit: Getty / Rich Fury