Cameron Boyce's Death Sparks Fake Rumor That 'Jessie' Star Debby Ryan Suffered a Heart Attack

The death of Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce shocked fans, friends, and co-workers in the early hours on Sunday. The Descendants star was found dead in his sleep following a seizure stemming from an existing medical condition. Since the news broke, many have spoken out and shared their memories of Boyce, including his Jessie co-star, Skai Jackson, director Kenny Ortega, and Grown Ups, star Adam Sandler.

One voice that has been silent so far, though, is Jessie star Debby Ryan. While it isn't strange or out of line for someone to take their time addressing the loss of a former co-worker and friend, some fans have lacked the patience. Following the news breaking, Ryan shut down comments on her Instagram profile due to an influx of commenters paying tribute to Boyce or asking the actress why she hasn't spoken out yet according to Heavy.

But that is far from the most extreme result her silence has created with Disney channel fans. Rumors quickly spread on social media that the news of Cameron Boyce's death led to Ryan having a heart attack and being rushed to the hospital.

The story was spread on social media without any sourcing or fact-checking, but it didn't stop fans from helping to spread it around and comment on it.

"Don't you dare tell me this is real. Allegedly [Debby Ryan] also was rushed to the hospital for a heart attack due to her reaction to Cameron," one fan shared on Twitter. "Is that true? Or some d—head making a joke that isn't f—ing funny??"

"So like was [Debby Ryan] really rushed to a hospital or am I crying for no reason," another added in.

"I cant find any articles about [Debby Ryan] being rushed to the hospital for a heart attack so until i have proof, i'm assuming this is a rumor," a third mentioned.

As many hinted at, no written confirmation or reporting has indicated this story to be true. Even calling it a rumor seems to be deep in troubling territory.

Some fans have taken a defensive stance for Ryan on her accounts, injecting some rational thinking into the moment.

"Can people please stop commenting rip Cameron, she turned off the comments for her recent posts for a reason," one fan wrote on Ryan's Instagram.

"I feel like all these comments shouldn't be said at all, maybe she's tryna (sic) process it like i still am. Please respect her and not post RIP CAMERON BOYCE," another fan added.


Boyce and Ryan were co-stars on Jessie from 2011 to 2015, focusing on Ryan's character moving from Texas to New York City and becoming a nanny for the Ross family. Boyce played second eldest Ross child Luke.

As the news spreads and many behind to make sense of the loss, we can expect to see more thoughts coming out from his other fellow castmates and contemporaries.