Caitlyn Jenner Is 'So Proud' of Kylie Jenner in New Instagram Post, but Fans Go After the Olympian

Caitlyn Jenner is getting accused of playing favorites with her children after the Olympian congratulated daughter Kylie Jenner on her massive Kylie Cosmetics empire. Thursday, Caitlyn shared a photo of a massive Kylie-branded suite amid her youngest's skincare line launch, writing a sweet note to the mogul in the caption.

"20 years ago, when your mom and I were changing diapers, teaching you to walk, and putting you to sleep, we had no idea this was coming," she wrote. "So proud."

While Kylie responded with numerous heart emojis and a simple, "I love you," others took the post to be a slight to Caitlyn's other children — Kendall, 23, Brody, 35, Brandon, 38, Cassandra, 39, and Burt, 40.

"And your son's received no attention," one commented accused. "Watch [The Hills: New Beginnings]...the boys talk about it and you can see and hear the pain from Caitlyn's absence."

"Well, they aren't billionaires so..." another quipped in response.

While it's unclear the exact family dynamics, Brody has been open about his strained relationship with his dad on The Hills revival, saying in a recent episode, "I didn't really grow up with my dad. When I was really little we got to spend a little time. When he started, obviously, the family with the Kardashian family, I didn't really see much of him."

"Bruce was just never really around — every so often maybe once every couple years. Wasn't around for my graduation, wasn't around for most of my birthdays so, yeah, it really wasn't any relationship. It was very surface," Brody continued. "Eventually, we started to become closer but then all of a sudden, it's like, I was just getting to know Bruce and then Bruce became Caitlyn. … She's off living her life, so what I've learned is to just not expect too much from her."


Photo credit: Getty Images / WireImage