Busy Philipps Responds to Backlash Over Controversial New Tattoo

Busy Philipps got a new tattoo on Sunday, and not all of her fans approved, but the talk show host could care less.

Philipps shared her new ink on Sunday, revealing a small illustration by her heel. It was a simple line drawing of an ice skater with the words "f— em" in cursive written underneath. Philipps explained that it came from her recent memoir, This Will only Hurt a Little.

While many fans liked that tattoo, some were appalled that Philipps would get such an image permanently stamped on her skin when she has kids to answer to. Many asked how she would explain the tattoo to them, and if it really represented an ethos that she wanted to pass on to them.

(Photo: Instagram @busyphilipps)

"I'm not judging... honestly curious bc I wish I was as brave as you to get a tattoo like that - but... what do you tell the kids???" one fan wrote.

"Hate to be a buzz kill but won't your children want to see this?" added another. "Isn't there a more creative approach to the same sentiment? Visually it's beautiful, but literally just adding to the unimaginative use of language."

"Not a positive message to send your young daughters but whatever!" added a third person.
The argument raged on, and Philipps finally jumped in with her two cents after a few people came to her defense.

"I tell them that these are words to live by," she wrote. "Especially as a woman."

This response satisfied many of Philipps' followers, who saw the value of teaching young girls to stand up for themselves from a young age. Later, on an episode of her talk show, Busy Tonight, she elaborated on the whole controversy.

"My kids have heard the word 'f—' before — they're my f—ing kids," she said, laughing. "If you're not teaching your daughters to say 'f— 'em', they're just going to end up watching a lot of boys playing video games or skateboarding in parking lots. Is that what you want for them?"

Philipps began hosting Busy Tonight on E! just last year with great results. She has already fielded some amazing interviews and had some viral conversations about everything from complex social issues to internet trends. Her connections in the entertainment industry make it that much better, with writers, comedians and actors stopping by from time to time.


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