Bruce Willis Among Latest Stars Targeted by Death Hoaxes

Many celebrities have been the target of death hoxes lately, and now Bruce Willis is among them. According to Snopes, a website recently posted false reports that Willis had passed away, though the actor is still very much alive. The outlet noted that the same website also posted inaccurate death reports about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and country singers Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks.

The new report comes months after the Willis family announced that Bruce has retired from acting due to a health condition. "To Bruce's amazing supporters, as a family we wanted to share that our beloved Bruce has been experiencing some health issues and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia, which is impacting his cognitive abilities," read a statement from the family. "As a result of this and with much consideration Bruce is stepping away from the career that has meant so much to him."

The statement continued, "This is a really challenging time for our family and we are so appreciative of your continued love, compassion and support. We are moving through this as a strong family unit, and wanted to bring his fans in because we know how much he means to you, as you do to him. As Bruce always says, "Live it up" and together we plan to do just that."

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, "Aphasia is a language disorder caused by damage in a specific area of the brain that controls language expression and comprehension. Aphasia leaves a person unable to communicate effectively with others. Many people have aphasia as a result of stroke. Both men and women are affected equally, and most people with aphasia are in middle to old age." The organization adds, "There are many types of aphasia. These are usually diagnosed based on which area of the language-dominant side of the brain is affected and the extent of the damage."

Back in September, Willis' wife Emma Heming opened up about the backlash she faced over a "grief awareness" post. On National Grief Awareness Day, Heming took to Instagram and shared how she has been coping with her husband's aphasia diagnosis. "This was the summer of self discovery-finding new hobbies, going out of my comfort zone and staying active," she captioned a video of herself being active and outside. "My grief can be paralyzing but I'm learning how to live along side it."


She continued, As my step-daughter [Scout, one of Willis' daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore] told me, grief is the deepest and purest form of love. I hope you find some comfort in that too." While her post was intended to be a positive expression, the mother-of-two was hit with critical comments from other Instagram users. Heming later took to her Instagram Stories thread to comment on the criticisms, writing, "When you're not allowed to talk grief, self-care, or being human in the world on grief awareness day... But in the words of the great, philosophical, and insightful Bruce Willis... 'Ah, f— 'em.'"