Britney Spears Slammed by Fans for Wearing Makeup During Extensive Workout in Latest Video

Britney Spears shared a new Instagram workout video earlier this week that had some fans worried about her well-being. Others criticized her for wearing so much make-up while she was working on her physique. The video surfaced amid the ongoing court proceedings centering on her conservatorship.

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Spears shared the video on Sept. 16. It begins with her telling her fans she wants to focus on "getting a six pack" by using an ab machine. Then, she moves onto a treadmill. "Skinny jeans... here I come!!!" she wrote in the caption.

The video sparked some concerns from fans because she is seen wearing heavy eye makeup. Some suggested it made her look "tired" or it might damage her skin.

"Britney, I love u so much but please change ur eye makeup it makes u look tired I really like u a lot and I mean no negativity," one person wrote, adding a heart emoji.

"If you want healthy skin, just remove the makeup," another wrote.

Another fan simply wrote, "You don’t look well sweetie."

"Sorry Britney but you need to focus on a shower and a hair brush," one fan wrote.

Some fans defended Spears though. "I love all y’all judging her make up! WHILE SHE’S KILLING IT AT THE GYM! Jesus people, she’s real as hell, no one contours to go work out, Brit is killing it," one wrote.

Spears has shared several workout videos in the past, most recently on Sept. 5. Even in that case, she wore eye makeup.

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Spears did not respond to the criticisms, as her family is in the midst of a court battle surrounding her conservatorship. Spears' father asked to have his conservator status dropped temporarily, and that role is now being filled by Spears' manager, Jodi Montgomery.

Spears' mother, Lynne Spears, is hoping the judge in the case will terminate Jamie as Spears' conservator permanently. She has been critical of her ex-husband and the medical treatment her daughter received from Dr. Timothy Benson, who died on Aug. 24. A court-appointed evaluator was asked to investigate Spears' care.

There was a hearing in the case on Wednesday. However, since the hearing included a discussion of Spears' medical and mental health, the courtroom proceedings were sealed from the public, reports Fox News. It is not clear who would be Spears' conservator in the future, but Montgomery will reportedly fill the role until Jan. 31, 2020.


Meanwhile, the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office said Jamie will not be charged in an alleged incident between Jamie and Spears' 13-year-old son Sean. Spears' ex-husband, Kevin Federline, filed a police report against Jamie for the alleged incident in late August. A judge ordered Jamie to stay away from Spears' sons.

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