Britney Spears Has New Temporary Conservator Confirmed Amid Drama With Father Jamie

A judge reportedly appointed a new conservator for Britney Spears on Monday. Spears has been trying to change the arrangements of her conservatorship for months, and according to a report by PEOPLE, she finally succeeded this week, replacing her father, Jamie Spears with her care manager Jodi Montgomery.

The appointment took place in a courtroom in Los Angeles, California on Monday. Jamie Spears formally requested to relinquish his conservator status, the report, says, citing personal health reasons. Spears endorsed Montgomery to take over the role instead, as his daughter reportedly wanted.

Court documents state that Montgomery will have all the same powers over Spears' affairs as her father once did.

"[Montgomery] shall have the power to communicate with treating and other expert medical personnel regarding [Britney], and to have access to any and all records regarding [Britney's] medical treatment, diagnosis and testing," the documents state. "[Montgomery] shall have access to any and all records regarding [Britney's] psychiatric treatment, diagnosis and testing."

Spears' father was appointed her co-conservator in 2008 following some mental health issues on her part. Earlier this year, the pop star began seeking more freedom under the terms of the conservatorship, and her father resisted at first.

Now, 67-year-old Jamie Spears has agreed to step down as conservator at least through January. However, sources close to Spears told reporters that it should have very little impact on her day-to-day-day life.

"Nothing will change in Britney's life. Jamie will still get updates about Britney and Jamie will make sure that she is protected against people who want to take advantage of her," they said. "[Her mom] Lynne will also be around if Britney needs her."

Spears herself reportedly did not attend the court appearance, sending her lawyers in her place. Lawyers for her mother, Lynne were also present, and more for her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

According to a previous report by TMZ, Federline may have had a hand in persuading Jamie Spears to step down. Sources close to the family said that Federline filed a police report accusing Jamie of physically abusing Sean, the 13-year-old son Spears and Federline share custody of.

Sources told The Blast that the police report stemmed from an incident on Aug. 24, when Jamie "got very angry" at the teenager. They said that he broke down a door to get to Sean, who was left "Scared and upset."


"Britney got upset as well and ended their visit with Jamie," they said.

So far, lawyers for Spears and Federline have not commented on Monday's development.