Britney Spears Flaunts New Bike in Health Infused Photos Following Treatment

Britney Spears is making her way back to health and happiness, apparently on two wheels.

Fans have been worried sick about Spears ever since she checked herself into a mental health treatment center back in April. The singer has a history of issues, but she also has a remarkable story of recovery. As expected, she is coming back better than ever from her latest round of treatment, as she showed in a picture of her idyllic bicycle ride.

Spears posted a photo of herself and her personal trainer Sam Asghari side by side on bicycles. The two were dressed in cozy workout gear, with Spears rocking a purple hoodie and checkered short shorts. Asghari wore black workout gear and a black hat, and rode a wide-handled beach cruiser painted seafoam green. Spears' bike was more serious, looking like it was made for racing or riding off-road.

(Photo: Instagram @britneyspears)

The two posted on a smooth asphalt road with a high curb and well-manicured lawns stretching into the distance behind them. A small pond rippled in the background, and the sun shined through old trees with new leaves, painting the perfect picture of spring.

"I’m so blessed to have this in my neighborhood." Spears wrote. "Just got myself a new bike it feels like a piece of heaven!!!"

"Are you talking about the lake or that handsome gentleman," joked Asghari in the top comment. He added a crying-laughing emoji to show that he was not serious.

Asghari posted the same photo with a series of emojis, including two bikes and the gender symbols. The personal trainer often promotes his services on social media, and he puts a heavy emphasis on getting outdoors rather than just toiling away in the gym.


This is probably ideal for Spears, who has been doing a lot of reflection on recent weeks. The singer has been struggling with the permanent conservatorship she has been under since 2008, which gives her father sole control over her affairs. She has been looking for more freedom under the terms of the conservatorship, while her dad wants to extend it to more states.

However, the simple things in life seem to be Spears' solace now. Last week, she was seen attending her 13-year-old son's graduation from 8th grade, where sources told PEOPLE she was overjoyed by his accomplishments. Spears has reportedly been spending as much time as possible with her sons as she readjusts following her stay in treatment.