Brad Pitt and 'Arrested Development' Star Alia Shawkat Targeted by Dating Rumors After Being Spotted Together

Does Brad Pitt have a new leading lady? According to sources: no, he's just hanging with lady friends. However, a few pictures that surfaced on Instagram, have fans wondering if there's something more to his casual hangs with former Arrested Development star, Alia Shawkat after both were seen out together more than once. In a few photos that were posted by Meral Melika Duran who is an EU strategist, both Pitt and Shawkat were seen together talking to a group of people and each other while exploring an art gallery together, even meeting the artist behind the work, Martin Werthmann.

Several fans questioned if the two were dating or not with one posting their uncertainty, "She seems like a pretty cool chic. Not sure if he is dating her but i can see why he would be dating her cause shes a little hottie with what looks like someone that has a pretty incredible personality."

Someone else said, "I hope Brad has finally found a nice girl! She looks like a nice person I hope she is for his sake and for hers cuz sweetie he is quite the catch. Need somebody who's real and down to Earth. That's why he is he's not pretentious and even though he is a big Hollywood star he's never acted like it... "

Someone shared an opposing view saying, "Folks can be friends you know. Every woman a man spends time with isn't necessarily a love interest. However, if it is, I find them to be a believable couple and cute. Big she difference I imagine."

According to a source who told PEOPLE, "They are absolutely just friends,"


The art gallery wasn't their only time to hang out though. The two were also seen together having dinner on the same day and they also previously attended Mike Birbiglia's comedy show in October.

This isn't the first time the Moneyball actor has been seen out with a woman since his split from Angelina Jolie. In April, Pitt became legally single as their divorce proceedings continue. The two started their romance on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and eventually married in 2014 and now share six children together.