Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Finalize Summer Custody Agreement Amid Tension

Nearly two years after Angelina Jolie filed from divorce from Brad Pitt, the former Hollywood It couple has reached a new temporary custody agreement over their six children for summer 2018.

Reports surfaced that the Superior Court of Los Angeles County determining that "not having a relationship with their father" would be harmful to Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 9.

According to Us Weekly, the court said that the kids "are safe with their father" and that it is "critical that each of them have a healthy and strong relationship" with both of their parents. However, Maddox is free to with either parent as he wishes because of his age.

Jolie and Pitt were reportedly ordered to arrange a phone call between them, their children and two psychologists "to explain the summer schedule."

Pitt will allegedly will have physical custody of the children (except for Maddox) from four hours a day from June 8 to 17 in London, where the Maleficent actress rents a house.

He shall designate one or two of the children to spend time with. Pitt must spend time with each child at least twice during the 10-day period with one of the psychologists present. Jolie will not be present during her ex-husband's custodial time.

Pitt will also have custody of the minor children for 10 hours each day from June 27 to July 1 with the other psychologist present. He also has custody for four hours a day from July 8 to 14.

Once he returns to Los Angeles, he will have custody of the kids from July 21 to 29. He is responsible for them back to Jolie in London on July 29, to addition to paying for their transportation. He will have custody again from August 11 until the couple's next court hearing on August 13.

Court documents acquired by Us Weekly also state Jolie must provide her ex with "each of the minor children's personal cellphone numbers so that [he] may text them." She is reportedly not allowed to monitor the texts.

The former couple separated in September 2016. All six children have been living with their mother since the split. A source told the outlet that they are continuing to work on their divorce settlement.

"There hasn't even been a settled agreement drafted by either side, which reveals how at odds they continue to be."


The custody disagreement reports come a few months after rumors floated about the actors discreetly starting to see other people. A rumor linked Jolie to a real estate agent, which was quickly discredited by sources.

"Angie isn't dating a real estate agent. She isn't even dating at the moment," the source said. "Yes, she has hung out with a couple of guys over the last year, but it's extremely low-key."