New Bob Saget Report Sheds Light on Hours Leading up to His Death

A new report on Bob Saget is shedding a little more light on the hours leading up to the beloved comedian's tragic death. According to CNN, the Orange County Sheriff's Office issued its final investigation report on Tuesday, offering its conclusion on what happened the night Saget died. "Mr. Saget was lying on his back on the right side of the bed, partially covered by the sheet and bedspread, with his left arm lying loosely across his torso and his right arm by his side," the report states. "The sheets, bedspread, and pillowcases on the bed were white and there were no signs of blood or bodily fluids on them or anywhere else in the suite."

Additionally, an autopsy conducted the day after Saget's death, by Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany, found "a fracture at the base of Mr. Saget's skull, the evidence of bleeding around the brain, and demonstrated the transfer of force that broke the orbital bones at the front of the skull." Stephany "explained that the amount of force necessary to cause the fracture, coupled with the fact that the skin on the back of the head was still intact, led him to believe that the injury was most likely caused by 'something hard, covered by something soft,' and he gave, as an example, a fall onto a carpeted floor." Saget's fall, the medical examiner stated, would have "stunned" the Full House star.

Saget died on Jan. 9, following a stand-up show in Florida. The Full House star had spoken with his wife, Kelly Rizzo, just hours before his death and was scheduled to fly home the next day. After not hearing from him for several hours, Rizzo called up the hotel, the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. Security was sent up to his room and, sadly, this is when he was found dead. The Orange County Sheriff's Office confirmed the actor's death in a social media statement after authorities were called to the Ritz-Carlton shortly after 4 p.m. ET.

Previously, Stephany shared autopsy results that indicated Saget's death was "the result of blunt head trauma." He ruled that the actor's manner of death was an accident not connected to the use of toxins or illicit drugs. Additionally, the autopsy also found that Saget had serious fractures around his eyes and to the back of his head when he died. Now, according to People, investigators believe Saget fell unconscious in the hotel bathroom, landing on his back on the marble floor and striking his head. It is believed that he eventually regained consciousness and stumbled to bed. Police think that he lost consciousness again, in the bed, and eventually died.