'Blue Bloods' Star Tom Selleck's Rep Speaks out on Alleged Health Issues

Tom Selleck is at a healthy weight and feeling fine, his representative assured Gossip Cop after a [...]

Tom Selleck is at a healthy weight and feeling fine, his representative assured Gossip Cop after a tabloid report from The Globe claiming the 76-year-old actor had gained nearly 100 lbs. and was struggling to walk. The outlet, citing an insider to the Blue Bloods star's life, claimed that "lack of exercise, excess weight, and work stress could spell disaster and possibly lead to an early grave," but Selleck's rep was quick to shoot down the rumors.

"Tom has not gained weight. Please watch the show [Blue Bloods], and you will see how great he looks," the actor's representative told Gossip Cop. They didn't go further into The Globe's claims that Selleck's "main source of comfort these days" was eating or their claim that he now weighed in at close to 300 lbs., or the claims that he "limps around and winces in pain" due to subsequent joint inflammation. "His idea of a good time is barbecuing a side of beef and serving it with a buttery bearnaise sauce and spuds," the tabloid wrote.

Selleck is still going strong in Blue Bloods' 11th season, airing Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, where he portrays New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan alongside co-stars like Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes. He's even been giving back to his community, with Wahlberg revealing in January that the Magnum P.I. star secretly participated in his 2020 Tip Challenge, leaving behind a $2,020 tip after a $204.68 meal at Elio's restaurant in New York City on Christmas Eve.

Alongside the generous tip, Selleck left a heartwarming note giving Wahlberg credit for the inspiration, thanking the staff at Elio's for all their service and sending a sweet message about the future. "For Elios, I am honoring my friend Donnie Wahlberg's 'Tip Challenge' with my sincere hope for a better 2020. Thank you all," Selleck wrote on his check.

Wahlberg revealed in January that despite his co-star's good deed, Selleck never disclosed what he had done to his on-screen son. "Tom never mentioned it to me," Wahlberg told PEOPLE. "We've done three [Blue Bloods] dinner scenes since he did it and he never told me." Selleck has been vocal about how he values his privacy apart from his work onscreen, and Wahlberg noted it made sense his co-star would remain publicly quiet about his charitable gesture. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.