'Blue Bloods' Star Tom Selleck Reveals He Never Personally Sent a Text or Email

Selleck says he's 'never texted anybody.'

Tom Selleck revealed in a new interview with People that he's far from a whiz with technology — the actor has never sent a text message or email. "Occasionally, I've looked up my name," the Blue Bloods star clarified. "That started really with the book, but I've never sent my own email. I had a secretary. I've never texted anybody."

Now, Selleck's wife of 36 years, Jillie, also sends texts on his behalf. "I have a certain luxury where I probably couldn't survive otherwise," Selleck said. "But I don't know. I have a hard time writing things down, which is weird for a guy who's pushing a book."

Selleck's new memoir, You Never Know, provides insight into his extended career as an actor, which consisted of small films and commercial projects until his breakthrough role in Magnum P.I. and the infamous Friends role, which he calls almost an accident.

"I don't have the hooks that a lot of people do," confessed Selleck, explaining he wasn't always passionate about acting and just wanted consistent work. "I didn't rehabilitate myself or have this tragic life. I had my own share of certainly ups and downs, but I've been very fortunate."

That's not to say that it was always smooth sailing, however. "If you're going to get in the acting business, you better get an appetite for it," he added. "I tried to communicate that [in the book]...Because it was kind of a long road."

Selleck is currently gearing up for the fourteenth and final season of his latest series, Blue Bloods, which premieres this fall, marking his farewell to the series. Ahead of the season 13 premiere in 2022, Entertainment Tonight interviewed the actor and his co-star Donnie Wahlberg about their thoughts on the show's epic run, and they both admitted that they were somewhat surprised at the show's success.

"I've always thought the show had enormous potential, because there's police work but it was a character-driven show," Selleck shared at the time. "I think my experience on Magnum was the same thing -- being character-driven, the story could keep evolving and change when people get older, and all those things add to your ability to tell stories. We're not out of ideas yet." You Never Know: A Memoir, Selleck's upcoming book, will be released on May 7.