'Black-ish' Star Marcus Scribner Says Fans Can 'Expect A Lot' From Upcoming Season (Exclusive)

Following multiple wins and nominations since its 2014 premiere, the acclaimed ABC sitcom, Black-ish is returning for another groundbreaking season chronicling the Johnsons, an affluent African-American family raising their kids in a largely white culture of suburbia. Led by Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, the show has hit on several topics over the years from cultural identity to sociopolitical issues, and its series star, Marcus Scribner couldn't be more excited for the show's sixth season coming up this fall.

In an exclusive with PopCulture.com, Scribner, known for his role as Andre Johnson Jr. — or simply, Junior — on Black-ish, explained how he's "super pumped" for the direction of where his character is heading this year, and how fans can anticipate "a lot" in its sixth year.

"You can expect a lot," Scribner told PopCulture.com, explaining how he's also just basing his feelings off the little that he knows since he hasn't even seen all of the scripts just yet. However, what he has seen, is enough to express his excitement and anticipation.

"To be honest, I haven't gotten all the scripts, we just started filming," he continued. "But I'm really pumped for the direction that Junior's character is going in. He's trying to figure out his way in the world, which should be pretty interesting."

Fans will remember, the last episode of Season 5, Junior decided not to go back to school after taking a gap year. Instead, when he interned at his dad's marketing company, he got an offer to help out with Amigos' social media, and chose to go straight into the workforce instead of hitting the books again.

"It's a very volatile situation," the 19-year-old said when asked if he thought his character would go back to school and graduate or continue working. "Junior chose the path that he thinks is best for him, but we'll see how it cooks ... so far in the first episode it's looking kind of interesting and a bit dicey."

He added his excitement for fans and admits that he really only knows as much as them at this point, but adds that it will be an interesting season for sure.

Scribner might play a character taking a gap year from college, but he's also doing that in real life. The Los Angeles native is attending USC, but chose to take a gap year himself according to an interview with Good Morning America's Strahan and Sara. The young actor admits while education is at the forefront for him and encourages others to make it a priority, he stresses that it's about balance — especially for someone who's working 10-hour days on set, then expected to do school work after.

"I'm a huge advocate of higher education," he explained to PopCulture.com. "I believe it's definitely the safest route ... a lot of jobs nowadays, you can't find a job without a college degree."

But that doesn't mean it's been easy for the teen. Between working full time and doing school work, it's a lot for one to handle and he admits — like a lot of people — he needs to be up against a deadline otherwise the slacking is real.

"I'm not going to lie, I'm extreme, I'm one of those individuals who slack super hard and I can't really get my work done unless I'm against a deadline — which by the way, I do not recommend for anyone! [But] it's the only way I can work," he added saying that it was struggle on some days to work on set as long as he did, plus make sure all of his school work is done after a full work day.

When asked where he stood on taking gap years, he couldn't have said it simpler.

"I feel like everybody should definitely make the best decision for themselves," he stated.

Although he keeps busy, he's carved out time in his schedule to make sure to give back to his community. Scribner has teamed up with Frito-Lay Variety Packs Snackable Notes to benefit Feed the Children to help give two million meals to those in need.

Marcus Scribner - Snackable Notes
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"I just think it's such a positive initiative and positive message, and to top it all off, it's taking place in my neighborhood," he said. "I actually grew up in Los Angeles not too far from here, off Crenshaw and Pico, so it's nice ot be able to give back to your community."

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Between now and Oct. 15, Frito-Lay Variety Packs will donate $1 to an anti-hunger organization for every note written on a Frito-Lay chip bag. Visit www.snackablenotes.com for more information.