'Black Mirror' Actress Gugu Mbatha Says Stalker Tracked Her Using Secret GPS Device

Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw, known for Netflix hits like Black Mirror, is reportedly dealing with a serious stalker who even stuck a GPS device to her car to track her.

Mbatha-Raw went to police to tell them that a strange woman has been following her everywhere she goes, according to a report by TMZ. The outlet obtained the Los Angeles Police Department's records, including a search warrant showing that the cops found a GPS device hidden under her car. This helped the alleged stalker tail Mbatha-Raw, who says she has been followed for over two months now.

The documents detail how the stalker has harrassed Mbatha-Raw. She has reportedly shown up at all the same restaurants, spin classes and hotels as the actress. She even went to Mbatha-Raw's home. Perhaps most upsetting of all, the stalker reportedly lives on Mbatha-Raw's street.

The actress believes that, in addition to following her around, the same woman has been snapping photos of her and calling the phones of both her and her boyfriend before hanging up. Mbatha-Raw told authorities that she is terrified of the stalker becoming violent, especially since she took the extreme step of showing up at her home.

Mbatha-Raw is on a huge hit streak in Hollywood. In 2016, she starred in one of the most lauded episodes of Black Mirror, "San Juniero," where she entered into an intense relationship with a virtual stranger. The episode won two Emmys.

Mbatha-Raw also starred in The Cloverfield Paradox and Irreplaceable You, both Netflix original films. She is clearly a favorite for the streaming service, with an upcoming role in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Elsewhere, Mbatha-Raw has had recent blockbuster roles in A Wrinkle in Time as Mrs. Murry and Beauty and the Beast as Plumette. She started her career on TV back in 2005 with a role on Holby City.

Mbatha-Raw is not the only big star dealing with a terrifying stalker. Many celebrities have found themselves increasingly plagued by fanatics, who can use social media and other technology like never before to get access to their favorite performers.


The cases can easily turn tragic. Sandra Bullock dealt with a persistent stalker for years starting in 2014. Joshua Corbett broke into Bullock's house with the intent of sexually assaulting her, forcing the actress to lock herself in her closet until police arrived. Last year, Corbett committed suicide while barricaded inside his home, with a SWAT team waiting just outside the door.

This case remains under investigation. Law enforcement officials are reportedly working to build a case against Mbatha-Raw's unwelcome interloper before making an arrest.