Blac Chyna's Alleged Victim Speaks out on Twitter

A woman online claiming to be the one Blac Chyna fought at Six Flags on Sunday has made her Twitter profile public, and is discussing the confrontation openly with her followers.

An 18-year-old going by the name of Lex cropped up on Twitter shortly after the videos of Chyna's fight went viral. She posted a thread of now-deleted tweets, describing the scenario in blow-by-blow detail.

"[S]ooo I was having a good little time and I see black chyna's beautiful baby right?" wrote the woman. "So I'm like awwwww like omg this baby is so cute (not even knowing this was her f—ing baby) so I'm guessing it was the nanny but she rolled the baby towards me right?"

"So a lady comes up to me and she's like 'omg was that you black Chyna was talking about?'" she went on. "'She said she was goonna whoop yo a—' so now I'm in tears like lmaoooo for what wtf this b— think cause she black chyna she won't get slapped."

"So y'all know me ..... I just slap TF when I say THEE DOGGGGGGG S— I slapped the dogggg s— out hg," the woman continued. "So when I did her f—ing boyfriend start socking on me and my sister LMAOOOOOO LIKE REALLY SOCKING ON US."

"But I mean I had a blast," the user confessed with a shrug emoji. "I just slapped the s— outa black chyna and fought her boyfriend and all her lil friends but this n— was really socking on us he's really a b— period."

Those particular tweets have since been deleted, but Lex's timeline is still full of tweets and retweets about the ordeal. She and her followers have debated the morality of Chyna's actions and the draining effect of the social media spotlight.

The tweets that remain from Sunday evening include the one where Lex identifies herself as the other person in the fight, and the one where she confirms she is 18 years old. She also retweeted a partial video of the fight and offered a few words on the whole thing.

"I personally feel like I didn’t do s— wrong tho b— you not about to disrespect me because your black chyna I could give one less F—," she wrote.

Lex also retweeted her friends and followers, some of whom marvelled at the situation she had become embroiled in.

"[A]w man i thought she was lying," wrote one person. Another responded with advice on how to capitalize on this new found fame.

"Sue black chyna and her Man U will get cashed out," recommended a follower.

In another tweet, Lex told off Chyna's fanbase, while seeming to admit that she had hit the reality star at least once.


"I’m not finna be replying to y’all mad a— fans lmao period idgaf period don’t let nobody walk your f—ing baby to a stranger weirdo !! I touched her baby with one finger on her hand idc how nobody feel and like I said I only slapped her because she thought she wanted to fight," she wrote.

In the past day or so, Lex's feeling on the experience have wavered. She has laughed it off in some tweets while confessing that the replies are making her genuinely sad in others. In many tweets, she pleads with people to understand that she meant no offense when she approached Dream Kardashian. Lex has reportedly received numerous threats and attacks from fans of Blac Chyna online.