Billie Eilish's Optical Illusion Shoes Sparks Debate: Pink and White or Green and White?

It's 'The Dress' all over again! Billie Eilish posted a photo of her new Nike Air sneakers and she [...]

It's "The Dress" all over again! Billie Eilish posted a photo of her new Nike Air sneakers and she swears they are green and white. However, her dad and several of her fans disagree thinking they're pink and white. The singer took to Instagram to show off her new shoes and joked with her fans that they are seeing it all sorts of wrong.

"Not you guys saying they're pink and white too," she captioned a video according to E! of her shocked face after telling fans that her dad claimed they were "pink and white." She later joked, "I don't know what happened to you in your f—ing childhoods, but pink and white?!?" However, while in one photo they did look pink and white, she took another shot of them where they looked mint and white.

Naturally this stirred the pot for debate on the dress all over again that took over headlines five years ago: was it blue and black or white and gold? According to Eilish, she is firm she has it right. "I cannot stress it enough," she captioned in her Instagram story, "It is blue and gold."

Fans know Eilish is outspoken and recently, after making headlines for paparazzi photos, she's once again putting onlookers in their place. Photos that were taken of the 18-year-old showed her outside of her usual baggy attire. Instead, wearing a spaghetti strap top and loose fitting shorts. Since her rise to fame, she's become known for covering her body because she doesn't want to have to deal with the body shaming nor does she want anyone to focus on her body, she would rather them pay attention to her music. But recently, body-shamers popped up after the surfaced photos and Eilish didn't sit on the sidelines.

"In 10 months Billie Eilish developed a mid-30's wine mom body," one Twitter troll wrote. On Oct. 7 Eilish responded to the haters by re-posting a video from influencer Chizi Duru where she discussed body image. "Y'all gotta start normalizing real bodies," Duru says in the clip, adding, "Not everyone has a wagon behind them. Guts are normal. Boobs sag, especially after breastfeeding. Instagram isn't real." Duru then responded to the fact that Eilish reposted her video saying, "I know why she reposted ... because literally not everyone looks the same and social media has truly warped what we believe is a normal body. Like, please leave (Eilish) alone."