Bethenny Frankel Shares Candid Video of Her Skin Cancer Removal

Bethenny Frankel shared a candid look at her cancerous cell removal procedure for fans on Tuesday.

The Real Housewives of New York cast member and businesswoman joked her way through while being poked and stitched up by the doctor.

"Next stop, basal cell removal," she said in her first Instagram story video. "Living the glamorous life."

(Photo: Instagram / @bethennyfrankel)

Just hours before she went in for the procedure, the Skinnygirl founder spoke at an Advertising Week event on stage, even wearing the same pastel pink dress for both occasions.

As she was being treated by her doctor and an assistant, she had some fun by fueling her own rumors. "Oh everybody, the press will be right. I am getting plastic surgery right now," she said. "See, I'm at the plastic surgeon. I'm gonna get a tit job at the same time."

The 46-year-old didn't get a new set of breasts, but she had a procedure done to remove existing cancerous cells in a spot on her face.

Frankel confirmed earlier this month that she had a growth removed in the same spot and would be anticipating more procedures to remove the cancer completely.

"The doctor confirmed it is indeed basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer, and says while it is cancer, I am lucky to have it removed — so it won't affect my overall health," she told PEOPLE.

During Tuesday's procedure, Frankel joked with her doctor while he was wrapping up his work. "So 12 stitches and I'll be back like new in a little bit, right? I'm gonna live?" she asked.

After telling Frankel she will definitely survive the procedure, her doctor added, "It's gonna give you a little more street cred now."


Photo credit: Instagram / @bethennyfrankel