Beth and Duane Chapman's Son Garry Dee Rips YouTuber Penguinz0 for Video Mocking 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'

Garry Dee Chapman lashed out at YouTuber penguinz0 last week over a video mocking Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman.

YouTube user penguinz0 -- aslo known as "Moist Cr1tikal" or Charlie on social media -- took to the internet for a commentary track on Dog the Bounty Hunter earlier this month. The comedian simply played clips from the series on the screen, with his own face imposed in a smaller box in the corner. He cracked jokes about the series' premise, as well as Duane "Dog" Chapman and his family in general.

Charlie joked about the show's emphasis on action and weaponry, noting that most stories ended without gunfire. He also cast derision on Dog's over-the-top appearance, and his huge family. He even joked about Beth Chapman having sex with one of their bounties, not acknowledging and perhaps not knowing about her current struggle with cancer.

(Photo: Twitter @GarryDeeChapman)

Dog and Beth's son, Garry Dee Chapman, was not pleased by the commentary. He took to Twitter with his outrage, tagging Charlie directly in his response.

"I love when people like @MoistCr1TiKaL make videos about subjects they have no clue what they are talking about on," Garry wrote. "And his puppets believe him as if he’s some role model. Before you go defacing the undisputed greatest bounty hunter in the world, do some research."

Charlie did not respond directly to Garry's call-out, although he did later revisit his Dog the Bounty Hunter commentary with a clip of himself getting frightened by a cockroach during filming.

"Now I know how Dog the Bounty Hunter feels when he catches a fugitive," he said, "like a real man, baby."

Charlie may not have even seen Garry's reply, or realized that it came from a member of the Chapman family. From his jokes, it was clear that he did not watch the show regularly, and with over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, Garry's tweet may not have stood out to him at all.


Garry himself got just over 120 likes on his tweet, and a few replies. Many fans were horrified after seeing Charlie's video and his content in general. They dismissed him as a "troll" and urged Garry to ignore such attacks when he could.

Still, it is a raw time for the Chapman family, and they can be expected to lash out. Beth Chapman remains in a medically-induced coma, with no word yet on when she might wake up.