Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals Surprise Shaved Head Look on 'Avengers: Endgame' Red Carpet

Benedict Cumberbatch recently revealed a surprise shaved head look while on the Avengers: Endgame red carpet.

The actor, who plays Marvel superhero Doctor Strange in the film, normally dons longer locks than are dark and slightly curly.

It's unlikely that he shaved his head for this film, partly due to Doctor Strange having a more length to his mane, but also because we don't actually know how much screentime Doctor Strange will have. It's possible he is not in the film much at all.

Most likely, Cumberbatch shaved his head for the upcoming film 1917, which is currently filming. It is a World War I film that focuses on the events as seen through the eyes of two young soldiers.

1917 is co-written and directed by Sam Mendes, who is most well-known for directing movies such as American Beauty and Road to Perdition, as well as the most recent James Bond films, Skyfall and Spectre.

Prior to Endgame, Cumberbatch appeared as Doctor Strange in the character's self-titled 2016 film. He also appeared briefly in Thor: Ragnarok, and had a larger role in Avengers: Infinity War.

Avengers: Endgame is the sequel to Infinity War, and will see the remaining members of the Avengers set off on a mission to defeat the Mad Titan Thanos — played by Josh Brolin — once and for all.

Spoiler-free reviews for the film have already started to roll out, with's Brandon Davis saying that it "is a masterpiece."

"It's an absolute spectacle which needs to be watched on the biggest screen possible. It's a love letter to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe," he adds. "In fact, I'd argue that Avengers: Endgame is the film event of our lifetime and lives up to every bit of global hype it has garnered. It is setting a new standard and raising the bar for event films and likely will not be matched in this generation of filmmaking."

"Avengers: Endgame arrives with expectations which could never be met. The culmination of more than 10 years and 22 films (including itself) from Marvel Studios, fans have so many hopes and wishes for the ensemble film tying up each of the narrative threads that it would be nearly impossible to send audiences home completely satisfied," he also says. "The directors, writers, cast, and mastermind of it all Kevin Feige did their best with it though -- and manage to not only meet those expectations but also exceed them."


Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters this Friday, April 26.