Ben Affleck's Ex Shauna Sexton Throws Shade While Talking About His Movie 'Triple Frontier'

Ben Affleck's ex-girlfriend Shauna Sexton is tossing some shade at the actor in response to his new Netflix film Triple Frontier.

Affleck and Sexton made plenty of headlines during their two-month fling before it ended in October 2018. The 46-year-old actor and director's whirlwind romance with the Playboy model and former vet tech provided plenty of fodder for tabloids during his battle with sobriety.

But following reports of their troubled relationship, Sexton is tossing shade his way via Twitter in response to the upcoming Netflix movie, and revealing how she is a bit torn in watching due to Affleck's involvement.

"Really want to see triple frontier, but I have reservations about staring at my ex's face for 2 f—ing hours," Sexton wrote.

Her reservations over watching the film shouldn't be a surprise to those who have followed their rocky relationship. According to Us Weekly, the 22-year-old was "really scarred" when Affleck called their relationship off after completing his rehab stay in October.

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Affleck was reportedly always "up and down" according to the publication, with a source noting that the Oscar-winner sometimes wanted to "go out, drink and get girls, and other times [he was] completely sober and going to church."

The actor released a statement after completing rehab to thank fans for their support. He then reportedly parted ways with Sexton on Oct. 9 to focus on "sobriety and family" according to a source in People.

"He enjoyed being with her but is working on himself, and being together with her at this time is not something that works," the source told the magazine before adding that Affleck was focusing on his own needs and his next project.

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Sexton received a lot of criticism for her role in Affleck's life and his battles with alcohol according to Page Six. She hit back against these claims by saying that while she enjoys drinking and partying, she wouldn't disrespect the actor's sobriety.

"Do these mistakes mean I would disrespect someone's hard earned sobriety by drinking with them or in front of them? Hell no," she wrote on Instagram, "With that being said, Ben is a grown ass man, baby. He makes his own decisions. Blaming a 22-year-old for someone's 3rd time in rehab is just ridiculous."


Affleck has since returned to former girlfriend Lindsay Shookus. Triple Frontier is currently streaming on Netflix featuring Affleck alongside Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, and Pedro Pascal.