Ashley Graham Posts Jessica Rabbit Baby Bump Photos With Her Husband as Macho Man Randy Savage

Ashley Graham and her husband, Justin Ervin, went all out with their Halloween costumes this year. The 31-year-old supermodel shared a series of photos on her Instagram page of the couple decked out over the weekend. She went as Jessica Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit and he was legendary wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage.

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Macho Man knocked up Jessica Rabbit for Halloween

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Graham wore a skin-tight red leather dress that's identical to the one the animated character wears in the film. She paired it with purple leather gloves and a red wig and matching lipstick.

People in the comments chimed in with comments and questions, some of which Graham was happy to respond to. "You should have been miss Elizabeth since your husband was randy savage!," one person said, referring to Savage's WWF manager. "Couldn't fit into a corset LOL but there's always next year," Graham replied.

"Pic 4 caught me unexpectedly. I'm howling [at] Macho Man," another wrote. "Justin was in character all night!," Graham said. "I just wanna know who squeezed you into that latex and how," someone wondered. "BABY POWDER," Graham confessed.

Singer Bebe Rexha also got into the mix, commenting simply, "You are so gorgeous."

Graham has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram ever since announcing in August that she is expecting. She has been an outspoken advocate for body positivity during her career as a model, and she's used her social media to embrace the changes that come with pregnancy.

After receiving a ton of positive feedback from her pregnancy posts, she said on Instagram recently, "I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting all of your stretch mark pre-and-post pregnancy photos — whether you've had a baby or not it's truly inspiring," she said. "I thought, 'You know what, I'm just going to post this and I know there's another woman out there who's feeling the same way I'm feeling who might be going through kind of a rough day in how she looks and how her body is changing."


In June, she spoke to Allure about her body. "My body has always been treated as a thing and not mine," she said. "You're the sexy girl. You're the naked girl. Men are going to idolize your hourglass figure. It was always about what others thought about my body, until I gained a voice. Now I get to tell people what I think of my body."