Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes After Donald Trump on Twitter Accompanied by Huge Fan Thread

Arnold Schwarzenegger has struck another blow in his ongoing feud with President Donald Trump this week, calling him out for his environmental policies. In an opinion column for The Washington Post, Schwarzenegger claimed that the president's pollution efforts went against the ethos of the Republican party, and many fans agreed.

Schwarzenegger's column went up online on Monday, stating that "Trump can't erase a decade of clean air progress with a Sharpie." On Twitter, he added: "How many times have you heard conservatives beat the drum of states’ rights? But suddenly, when a state wants to pollute less and protect its citizens from deadly pollution, conservatives throw states’ rights straight out the window."

Many fans agreed with Schwarzenegger, calling the president's stance hypocritical. Others argued that Schwarzenegger's politics were more at home in the Democratic party. Many, however, replied asking about Schwarzenegger's personal feud with the president, which has gone on for years.

Schwarzenegger just recently addressed this question himself. He gave a profile interview with Men's Health this week, where he said that the president is the one who perpetuates their feud. Beyond that, Schwarzenegger even said that the president is "in love with him."

Trump has often ridiculed Schwarzenegger over the last few for his stint as the host of The Celebrity Apprentice. Schwarzenegger took over the series in 2016, for what was effectively a reboot. Ratings were admittedly low on the former governor and actor's brief season, and stepped down after just a couple of months. Schwarzenegger feels that their enmity over this TV misstep should have ended long ago, but the president will not let it go.

“I think he really — he’s in love with me,” he said candidly. “That’s the reality of it. With Trump, he wants to be me.”

The interview asked if Schwarzenegger feels that Trump "fears" him in some way. To the action star, that was not quite right to describe their dynamic, but it was close. He suggested that his physicality had a lot to do with it.

“I don’t think he fears me,” Schwarzenegger said. “But I remember that in the old days, when we went to the wrestling matches, the way he admired people with bodies, and the way they would jump around in the ring, and to perform physical stunts and stuff like that — he had great admiration for that. And the showmanship — he had great admiration for that."


According to Schwarzenegger, this may be exactly the problem with Trump's presidency. He recalled how hard it was for him to separate his movie star persona from his role as the Governor of California, and said that the president may be having an even harder time.

“I always complain about Trump not being able to shift from Trump to president,” he said. “Well, the reason why I say this is because I saw that with myself, that I was not able to shift from Arnold to governor. I was still stuck as Arnold. Arnold always gets things done. I forced my way in there, then I do it and do it and do it and do it, until it gets done. And I felt the same thing I can do with politics. But I learned quickly that that’s really not the way it works. You got to be able to bring people together. It takes much more time, much more effort, but that’s just the way it is. If you don’t like that, don’t get into politics.”