Ariel Winter Shows off Date Night Outfit

Ariel Winter took to Instagram earlier this week for a night on their torn with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden. In her Instagram Story, the Modern Family star showed off the low-cut dress she wore, first in a close-up selfie, then in a full mirror shot.

(Photo: Instagram / @arielwinter)

"Going on a date [with] my baby," Winter wrote Monday, adding an emoji of two pink hearts. In the photo, her face was illuminated by a ray of sunlight and she posed in her dress for the camera.

She updated fan with a view of the full look of her ensemble. The form-fitting black dress showed off her curves and the high heeled, strappy sandals gave her some height in the mirror selfie that also featured a large photo of Marilyn Monroe, her dog and a stuffed panda.

(Photo: Instagram / @arielwinter)

"Full look + Chloe & Marilyn & a panda," Winter captioned the photo.

Winter, 20, and Meaden, 30, seem to have hit up a Japanese restaurant later during their date night, as Winter later shared an image of colorful sushi to her Instagram Story.

(Photo: Instagram / @arielwinter)

Winter is very active on Instagram, frequently posting photos with Meaden or showing off her toned body in steamy pictures. She even got into a copyright dispute with the photo-sharing platform earlier this week after it removed a photo she posted of herself that was taken by someone else — who complained to Instagram that her posting it violated their copyright.

The photo in question was of Winter standing with her arms crossed at a gas station. After it was removed, Winter shared a screenshot of Instagram's community guidelines violation.

"We've removed or disabled access to the following content that you posted on Instagram because a third party reported that the content violates their copyright," it read.

(Photo: Instagram / Ariel Winter)

"What in the f— @instagram??" the actress wrote. "Lol they removed my photo because it violated someone else's rights? It's literally a photo of me that someone sent me on Twitter?"

She re-posted the photo a few minutes later, telling the social medium that they should think about the subject of the photo when taking a look at reports of copyright violation.

"Posting again for the idiots who took down MY PHOTO for violating someone else's copyright," she wrote. "They violated my space so I should at least be able to post it when I want to or just not be f—ing photographed. Will repost every time it's taken down."

While the photo was eventually taken down again, it remained where she had posted it on Twitter, where she further pled her case. Before it was removed from the photo-sharing site, Winter shared it because "I've never seen a more accurate photo of myself," as she shared in the original post.

But the copyright infringement was not the only drama going on with the post; when body-shaming trolls started appearing in the comments section, Winter's Modern Family costar, Sarah Hyland, arrived to shut them down.

Many of Winter's 4 million followers pointed out that Winter's nipples were visible in the shot, but Hyland wasn't having any of that.


"To all the pervs commenting on this post?" she wrote. "GET OFFLINE AND GET BACK TO YOUR BLOWUP DOLL YA CREEPS!"

Winter also defended herself with a clapback, responding to one fan who wrote, "when you were perfect." The actress responded, "This [was] taken of me two days ago."