Ariana Grande's New Hand Tattoos Split Fans on Social Media

Ariana Grande just got a new hand tattoo and fans are split! While some are in support, others aren't. The new ink reads "Toulouse" across her knuckles, which is the name of one of her dogs. However, fans are now chatting about her decision with one mentioning her other dog Myron, who use to be the late Mac Millers pup, while someone else encouraged the singer to stop with the tats. The 26-year-old hosted a series of Instagram stories where she showed off her new art.

It's unclear whether her tattoos are permanent but it wouldn't be a surprise if they were since she has a history of hand tattoos.

When Grande and ex-fiancé Pete Davidson were together, they got matching tattoos that read "H2GKMO" (short for "Honest to God, knock me out") on their hands. She also had the SNL star's name on one of her fingers, but was later covered up by a dark heart after their split.

Other tattoos she has on her hands include a heart and a cloud, along with another one that says "baby doll" inside of her right middle finger.

Early in the year the singer intended to get a tattoo that said "7 Rings" in the Japanese Kanji symbols, however, due to the pain, she didn't finish it all the way and the symbols ended up translating to "shichirin" which is a tiny Japanese barbecue grill. When she posted it to social media, fans were quick to call her out, leading her to delete the photo and then clarifying what happened on her Instagram stories.


Grande is currently on the last leg of her Sweetener tour but to gear up for the holiday season, she recently referenced her 2015 EP Christmas & Chill posting, "love y'all so much u have no idea. pls have so much fun and sing your hearts out to christmas n chill bc no one on earth bought it or has heard it or will know what's happening."

Surprisingly, that tweet sent her EP at the top of the iTunes charts, passing her most recent album Thank U, Next.