Ariana Grande's Brain Scan Photos Showing Signs of PTSD Hit Twitter and Fans Are Sending Support

It's no secret Ariana Grande has been through a lot the last few years, but now she's got brain [...]

It's no secret Ariana Grande has been through a lot the last few years, but now she's got brain scans to show just how stressed she really is.

Grande took to Instagram to share a photo of her brain scan. In the picture, she shows what a healthy brain is suppose to look like, and one who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which she has officially been diagnosed with.

Ariana Brain Scan

This could be a result of what started back in May 2017 when she was in Manchester, United Kingdom performing at her concert when a bomb went off in the crowd. The terrorist attack left 22 of her fans dead, more than 100 injured and a massive amount of emotional stress on those who got out safely, including Grande.

Just over a year later, things seemed to be going okay for the pop singer when she and Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson went public with their relationship. The two seemed inseparable — they shopped together, traveled together, they even lived together in New York City. That was Davidson's rise to a whole new level of fame. It didn't last long before her world was rocked though.

After Davidson and Grande got engaged, the singer learned that her ex-boyfriend and rapper, Mac Miller had passed away due to an overdose. She and the 26-year-old musician were together for two years and during that time, they too were inseparable — they even collaborated on music together.

When Miller passed away, things seemed to go south for Grande and Davidson and they eventually called off the wedding and broke up all together.

Since then, she's poured her heart out into her music on her two latest albums Sweetener and Thank U, Next. The 25-year-old opens up quite a bit on each album about her relationships with ex's like Davidson, Miller, Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez.

Between her splits and an awful, tragic event, it's no wonder Grande is suffering from PTSD.

She's always been open with her fans — and she most definitely has a loyal fan-base — but fans are showing more support than ever.

An outpouring of love flooded social media after the news broke.

One person wrote on Twitter, "Ariana Grande has been a victim of band wagon hate from twitter for the last few months but now you're all going to forget about that now she has ptsd. Some of the s— you say hurts."

Another fan took to her defense stating, "She's talked very openly about how therapy has saved her life multiple times. She....very obviously has PTSD. If humor and friends and music is the way she copes with HER OWN mental health, so be it. She's not out here saying "[laughing out loud], f— ptsd and therapy" ....good God."

Someone else said, "I posed this in response to some tweets I saw judging Ariana Grande for speaking about her PTSD. They said she had money & friends & looked happy and busy so she couldn't possibly have PTSD. Don't make judgements [about] someone based on social media."