'Aquaman' Star Jason Momoa Hilariously Photobombs Couple's Wedding Photos

Jason Momoa made two fans' dreams come true last week when he crashed a beachside wedding in Hawaii.

Momoa took photos with a happy couple named Kaitlin and Brandon on the island of Oahu on Thursday. Their wedding planner, Carina Cooper, posted pictures of the encounter on Instagram, and later explained to Us Weekly how the whole thing had come about.

Momoa was apparently visiting Oahu after the hectic premiere of Aquaman last week. The wedding photographer got Cooper connected with the actor, and asked if he could stop by. Brandon and Kaitlin were taking some pictures at sunset after their ceremony, and the wedding photographer asked Momoa if he wouldn't mind photo-bombing the couple.

(Photo: Instagram @honor_your_heart)

"It was such a special day all around. We were feeling sprinkled with magic throughout our day with rainbows in the morning and butterflies all around," Kaitlin told Us Weekly. "We found out via our photographer just before the ceremony that Jason was in town. I said to him, 'How amazing would that be to get a photo with him on our wedding day?' And then, lo and behold, an hour later, after we had said our vows and we were getting photos taken, he walked down to the beach with his crew."

"They were amazingly kind and gracious," she went on, "shouting congratulations to us as they approached. Our photographer waved him over and he blessed us with some hilarious Aquaman-style photos that we will treasure forever! We got to chat with a few of the folks he was with after and everyone was absolutely lovely. It was a great experience and a sure way to make our wedding unforgettable!"

There was reportedly even a boy on the beach holding a toy trident modeled after the one Momoa wields in the movie. Without missing a beat, he borrowed it from the youngster to use as a prop in his photos.

(Photo: Instagram @honor_your_heart)

Like Momoa, Brandon and Kaitlin live in Hawaii. They were ecstatic to have the island state's biggest break-out star of the year with them on their special day, as was the rest of the party. Cooper posted a selfie with Momoa, offering a big thanks for everything the actor did.

"Best wedding crasher ever!" she wrote. "Thanks for being so awesome!"

As a Hawaiian native, Momoa represents a huge departure from the Aquaman portrayals of the past. However it is one of the changes that seems to have gone over best in the DC Comics adaptation. Momoa split his time between Hawaii and Iowa as a kid, and admitted that this disparate lifestyle likely influenced his handling of the role.

"...Straddling those two worlds and being an outcast in both and finding my path in this world, I relate to hate," he told Us Weekly.


Aquaman is playing in theaters now.