Anna Nicole Smith's Ex, Mark Hatten, Was Jailed the Night Before He Was Shot and Killed Sunday

The ex-boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith who was shot and killed on Sunday, Mark Hatton, had spent the previous night in jail in South Carolina. According to Kings Tree News, the fatal incident with Hatten and another man happened in Greeleyville, about 65 miles north of Charleston, the day after Hatten spent the night in jail.

Local residents said that an incident occurred the day before between the man suspected of fatally shooting Hatten and police were called at that time. Hatten was charged with No Trespass and spent the night in jail. Law enforcement did not clarify what transpired between the two men on Sunday or what occurred the day before. Live 5 News reports that deputies responded to a house in the Greeleyville area to find the caller trying to help Hatten, who was unresponsive and in a vehicle. First responders attempted to save his life but were unsuccessful, authorities said, because Hatten had already succumbed to his injuries. Authorities in Greeleyville are asking anyone with information to call (843) 355-6381.

Hatten moved to Greeleyville in early 2000. Known for his tumultuous relationship with Smith, he served a prison term for threatening her. The two had an extremely complicated history, with Smith, who died in 2007, having testified in court that they started dating in 2000, with Hatten one night confronting her while brandishing a knife. She claimed that he stalked her for the next two years and when he showed up at her home in March 2002, her neighbor asked him to leave. Hatten then got into an altercation with the neighbor and he was charged with assaulting the man, as well as with making criminal threats to Smith and the neighbor. He was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison.

In a 2017 interview with In Touch, Hatten claimed that the charges resulted from a misunderstanding. "So I was charged on three things for Renee Navarro and two for Anna Nicole — one was a criminal threat for allegedly saying that I was coming over and 'packing my stuff' when 'packing' supposedly meant a firearm. I didn't even own one!" he said, adding that he was "set up" for the stalking charge.


Smith died from an accidental drug overdose in 2007 caused by "combined drug intoxication" with a sleeping medication as the "major component," according to the Broward County Medical Examiner. It was a year after her son Daniel died from a combination of antidepressants and methadone. His death came three days after the birth of Smith's daughter, Dannielynn.

Smith's former romantic partner Larry Birthed was eventually found to be Dannielynn's biological father; the two fo them live near his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Earlier this year, he spoke to Us Weekly about parenting 13-year-old Dannielynn, joking that she has one main thing in common with her late mother: "The ability to spend money!" Birkhead added, "That's probably there. That's probably the biggest. But beyond that, you know, she's got some personality traits of her mom's, and she's funny, but I think she's a good mix of the two of us."