Amber Rose Sends Cryptic Message to Khloe Kardashian in Wake of Tristan Thompson Scandal

In what appears to be an attempt to make amends, Amber Rose shared a cryptic message on Tuesday just moments after reports surfaced that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian.

"I know we've had our differences in the past but my heart is broken for you sis smh no one deserves to feel that pain especially during such a sensitive time," Rose wrote on her Instagram story. "God bless you and your baby."

Rose, who dated Kim Kardashian's husband, Kanye West, for two years and is best friends with Rob Kardashian's ex-fiancé Blac Chyna (who is embroiled in multiple legal battles with Rob and different members of the family), feuded with Khloé Kardashian in 2015. At the time, Khloé slammed Rose on Twitter after she spoke negatively about Kylie Jenner and her then-boyfriend Tyga, who shares 5-year-old son King Cairo with his ex, Chyna.

"Kylie's a baby. She needs to go to bed at 7 o'clock and relax," Rose told New York's Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club at the time. "It's ridiculous. Tyga should be ashamed of himself. That's how I feel, for sure. He has a beautiful woman and a baby that he left for a 16-year-old who just turned 17."

To Rose's words, Kardashian responded: "Please don't worry about my sister who has a career and her s— together at ONLY 17. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Please stop talking about us in interviews mama. None of us talk about you."

Rose isn't the only one seeing old drama as water under the bridge; Thompson's ex, Jordan Craig, also appeared to weigh in on the scandal. Thompson reportedly ended their relationship in mid-2016 the midst of her pregnancy with their son, Prince Oliver. Thompson began dating Kardashian four months before Craig gave birth to Prince.

While Craig has kept relatively quiet about the high-profile couple, she posted a cryptic message to her Instagram story on Tuesday night, seemingly addressing the day's scandal.

(Photo: Instagram / @alleyesonjordyc)

"If you respect yourself and you respect others, you would never make light of the misfortune of anyone, nor would you feel indemnified when it comes at the expense of others," Craig wrote. "Wishing peace for everyone."

Reports surfaced Tuesday that Thompson was spotted kissing a mystery brunette in New York City Saturday night while a nine-month-pregnant Kardashian waits in Cleveland, Ohio to deliver their baby girl.

Despite the news, Kardashian still plans on giving birth in Cleveland, as she is too far along in her pregnancy to fly safely.

Sources told Us Weekly that Kardashian's famous family had reservations about the Cleveland Cavaliers player from the start of their relationship, mostly because of Kardashian's previous marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom.

"Khloe's mom, Kris, and sisters Kim and Kourtney, all had concerns about her relationship with another basketball player, and now their fears appear to have serious merit," an inside source told the outlet.

"Women are constantly throwing themselves at professional athletes, and it's very easy to stray when teams are on the road," the source continued. "Kris never expressed her fears to Khloe because she felt it would cause nothing but drama and create tension."

Thompson and his team were in New York preparing for a game against the New York Knicks on Monday evening. Multiple witnesses told the Daily Mail that they saw Thompson and other Cavaliers players in the club on Saturday night.

"After the living hell that Khloe had to deal with while married to Lamar with the constant cheating, her sisters had wanted her to date a non-athlete," the insider confirmed. "Tristan is the young hot star of one of the hottest teams in the NBA."


As for Kardashian herself, her only focus at this point is her imminent childbirth, according to the source. "Khloé is focusing on delivering a healthy baby," they said. "She doesn't want to deal with any of these rumors regarding Tristan kissing another woman."

"It has always been important for Khloe to try and establish her own identity beyond her sisters and family," the source added. "She moved to Dallas with Lamar when he was traded, and things had already been really bad at that point. It just seems like she is trying to run away from them and have her own thing."