Amanda Bynes Breaks Twitter Silence With 'Hairspray' Reunion Photo

Amanda Bynes returned to social media on Tuesday, posting a photo of herself with Hairspray producer Neil Meron.

Bynes has been on and off of social media in the last several years, dropping in once in a while with a single post and then going silent again for months. After an absence of more than six months, she reappeared on Tuesday with a photo on Twitter.

"Me and the incomparable producer of Hairspray, as well as many other amazing things, @neilmeron," she wrote, along with a red heart emoji. The photo showed the two sitting close together, Meron's arm around Bynes. The two worked together on Hairspray in 2007, though the photo looked more recent than that. The movie was one of Bynes' last big roles before she slipped back out of the spotlight.

Bynes was once a prolific presence on social media, particularly Twitter, where she became a viral sensation in 2012. However, it soon emerged that she was battling some severe mental health issues, and with the support of friends and family, she curbed her use of the platform. Still, many people long for her return, and Tuesday's tweet drew a whole crowd of fans asking if she was back in earnest this time.


"This really has been the most important thing to happen to me today," added another. "And probably for the whole month."

"Hope you are feeling better and doing what you love on this rock!" a third person wrote.

Bynes is doing much better, according to a report by PEOPLE. Bynes' lawyer, Tamar Aminak, explained to the outlet that she was still under the conservatorship of her parents. This means that Bynes' family has control over most of her major life decisions, such as health and medical issues.

"The Conservatorship can end at anytime prior to 2020, but both Amanda and her parents are on such good terms and happy with Amanda's life and future, the Conservatorship is the last thing on their minds," Arminak told reporters. "The fact that Amanda is living on her own, making her own decisions and future plans is something her parents are so proud of."

Now 32, Bynes is moving on from her rocky past and considering getting back to work. She will soon graduate from a fashion and design school program, and is contemplating some acting work in TV as well.


"Finally she is surrounded by friends and companions she can trust and really open up to," Arminak went on. "She feels free to be herself, which brings her so much happiness and excitement for the future. She is looking forward to graduating and the next phase of her life."