Amanda Bynes Fans React to Star's New Heart-Shaped Tattoo on Her Face

Amanda Bynes is looking to kick off the decade ahead with a new way to express herself thanks to a fresh tattoo situated on her cheek and under her eye. Following a contentious and allegedly willing exit from a sober living facility in California, Bynes debuted some new ink in a spot fans might not have imagined the 33-year-old Hairspray actress would have opted for. In the new selfie shared to her Instagram on Dec. 30, Bynes is seen sitting on a couch with her pink hair tied back and septum piercing in place as she shows off a large, almost lopsided heart tattoo.

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Captioned simply with an alien emoji, several fans of Bynes and followers of's Facebook page, took to the comments section to weigh in on the novel ink — some encouraging her to continue expressing herself, while others were confounded by the recent addition, especially as she reportedly expressed hopes in getting back into acting.

"If your (sic) trying to get back to acting, a face tattoos is not the way," one user wrote.

"Such a good girl when I was growing up she had the success and drive and then she got into drugs and alcohol and men!" wrote another. "It sucks seeing that."

While some fans assumed the tattoo was an indicator of Bynes "needing help," others took to the comments to defend the 33-year-old, reiterating that a picture might say a thousand words, but never the one you expect.

"It's just crazy to think how easy you can judge someone just by a picture," wrote one user.

"[Laugh my f—ing a— off] a face tattoo means she needs help people?" another added with a facepalm emoji. "Oh lord."

"It's not anyones business why ANYONE does what they do to themselves!" one fan wrote. "Doesn't matter if you like it or not, or thinks shes beautiful or not, she likes it (hopefully) and likes her nose ring! [Shut the f— up] and let people be, [shake my damn head]."

Others were just confused about the placement.

"Are you serious!!!!! She was so beautiful!!!! Why would you get a s—y outline of a heart on your face? At least by your eye or something... why in the middle of your cheek? Why?" wrote another fan, later adding how all tattoos have their own story and meaning.

Others took to Twitter to sound off, expressing their confusion about the whole thing.

The photo comes just weeks after it was revealed Bynes is back at home, living with her parents after checking herself out of a sober living facility. Currently house searching, it was reported she had "bailed" on the facility and "dropped out of school," where she had been focused on studying design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in L.A.

Though she had originally graduated with her associate's degree this past June, Bynes had intentions to return for more classes to get her bachelor's degree in fashion.


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