Amanda Bynes‏ Photo of Dinner With Friends Wins Over Social Media

Amanda Bynes' return to the public eye continues to delight fans as her first tweet in almost a year circulates social media.

Bynes tweeted a photo of herself out with two friends at an upscale restaurant in L.A. "Dinner with friends at Girasol," she wrote simply. Fans of the embattled child actress went nuts, as her controversial statements and wild antics were once a mainstay of social media.

Bynes has a special place in the hearts of a generation, for her starring roles in All That and The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon in the 90s. Her die-hard followers were pleased to see her active online and not melting down.

"It's the real A.B - accept no imitations guys!" wrote one follower. "Good to have you back Amanda."

"You look beautiful," wrote another. "Love you as always."

"Beautiful!! So glad to see you back!"

Bynes' comeback reverberated beyond her mentions, however. The comedian became the topic on everyone's minds, as her mere presence on Twitter reminded users of the posts that once dominated headlines.

"If Amanda Bynes can survive 2012, I guess I can find a way to make it through this semester," mused one fan.

"If you weren't on twitter the Amanda Bynes meltdowns in real time you really missed out," wrote another.

The rumors of Bynes' return to the entertainment industry sparked a few noteworthy conspiracy theories as well, as Twitter connected it to other stories in the headlines. "Amanda Bynes success is tied to the Cavs," declared one fan.

Seeing Bynes out and about sparked nostalgia as well. It's a testament to her show that, even after her string of Twitter controversies, people remember her best for her sketch comedy.

"I miss when Amanda Bynes would be like 'Bring out the dancing lobsters!' On The Amanda Show because wow what a simpler time," tweeted one follower.


On either side of the fence, the world seems to be rooting for Bynes. She transcends the labels Hollywood tends to smack on young female stars, and people want to see her succeed.

"I want amanda bynes to make the greatest comeback of all time," one person wrote over the weekend, "bc shes always genuinely had amazing comedic timing and thats much more than amy shumer [sic] and lena dunham have and i want their reigns of terror to end and amanda to be the go-to funny white lady (bc shes actually funny)."