Alicia Silverstone Defends Her 9-Year-Old Son After He Was Mocked for His Long Hair

Alicia SIlverstone couldn't be prouder of the way 9-year-old son Bear Blu responded to being "made fun of" for his long hair. The Clueless actress praised her son for staying true to himself despite the peer pressure, sharing his story on Instagram Sunday for her 1.3 million followers.

"One time my son was made fun of by other kids because of his hair on a bus ride to surf camp," wrote Silverstone, 43. "After he had returned and told me, I thought he would want to cut it for a haircut appointment we had already scheduled the next day."

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Much to her shock, however, when she and Bear showed up to their appointment, he asked the stylist to "please give me a trim so I can grow it to my waist." Silverstone added of her feelings at the moment, "That's my boy! He knows who he is. He loves his hair and chooses to have it long. Mama and Papa aren't going to stop him from being him. He's beautiful and we love his hair!" Even if his hair, which falls far past his shoulders, is longer than some of his classmates', Silverstone continued, "We would never impose any social ideas about what hair on a boy or girl should look like. We should all try to embrace our children and who they choose to be without any judgment!"

The American Woman actress added to her post photos of several famous men who have sported long hair over the years. "There are so many very handsome men who have long hair Brad Pitt … Harry Styles ... Jason Momoa … even Jesus [wink]... all long hair! Just sayin ... #family #love," Silverstone concluded.


Silverstone has always been open about the parenting methods she and ex-husband Christopher Jarecki are passionate about, talking on YouTube in 2017 about her "no-brainer" decision to feed her son a vegan diet. "Being able to do something that is good for the earth, good for the animals and good for you all at the same time seems like such a no-brainer. It's like the biggest 'Duh!'" she said, adding that if you ask Bear what his favorite part of being a vegan is, he responds, "That you don't have to eat yucky meat.'"