Alex Trebek Grew a Beard for the 'Jeopardy' Anniversary and People Have Thoughts

Alex Trebek recently grew a beard for the Jeopardy! anniversary and fans of the show have thoughts about it.

The host debuted his new look in a promo for the series' upcoming 35th season, joking that he doesn't think fans should be too "surprised" by it.

However, fans were somewhat taken aback by Trebek's whiskers, and they are letting out their feelings on social media.

"Alex Trebek has a beard now and looks like a completely different person and it's freaking me the f— out," one person joked.

I have just this morning learned that Alex Trebek has a beard now and I cannot handle this betrayal," someone else tweeted.

" 'Alex Trebek has a beard' is in the 'what's happening' section on twitter,
now THATS my kind of news," another person joked.

While many social media users commented freely on Trebek's beard, others were just happy to hear that he wasn't in the news for a more unfortunate reason.

"I saw a Twitter moment that read 'Alex Trebek has a beard' and for a hot sec I thought it said 'Alex Trebek is dead' and I was NOT ready," one fan wrote.

"I am so accustomed to bad news I initially read a headline saying, 'Alex Trebek has a beard' as 'Alex Trebek is dead.' (He is not.)," another fan explained.

The Jeopardy! host recently made headlines for another big change, when he discussed the possibility of leaving the show in the near future.

During an interview, he mentioned that he is considering moving on after his contact expires, which is in about two years.


"50/50 and a little less," Trebek replied when asked what the odds were that he would stick around and sign a new contract, later adding that it isn't hard for him to imagine life beyond the game show.

Season 35 of Jeopardy! debuts today. Check you local TV listings for time and channel.