'Alaskan Bush People' Daughter Hits Back at Critics of Her Social Media Posts

One of the cast members of Discovery Channel's series, Alaskan Bush People is firing back at critics after she was blasted on social media for posting selfies while her mother is fighting cancer.

In a post on Instagram, Rain Brown shared a selfie and wrote, "Yep another selfie[,] you gotta love yourself kids no matter who try's (sic) to push you down, you wouldn't believe the people I have had trying to make me mad and a bad person but I just throw love they're way along with a witty remark."

She added, "Anyway my point is always remember love is never wrong[.] just be and love yourself the rest will fall into place."

According to Inquisitr, someone criticized Brown by rudely inquiring why she's posting pictures of herself while her mother is struggling through a cancer battle.

Brown fired back, "Try focusing on your own life instead of mine, you don't have to 'get' what I do I don't need your approval."


Some of Brown's fans also same to her defense as well.

Summing up how most fans felt, one person wrote, "Just because Rainy is posting positive thoughts and beautiful pictures doesn't mean that she's not hurting. We are human and we all hurt but she needs to express herself."