Actor Apologizes After Vaping Video Surfaces

The actor's agency issued an apology for smoking an electronic cigarette indoors.

South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook's agency has apologized for a recent controversy surrounding indoor smoking. A behind-the-scenes video of Ji's latest drama, Welcome to Samdalri, was released on Jan. 26 and contained footage of Ji smoking an electronic cigarette on the indoor set of the show.

Due to the law prohibiting smoking or vaping in public places except for designated smoking areas in South Korea, the footage of the scene drew criticism, and the Welcome to Samdalri team ultimately removed it from their video.

Ji's agency, Spring Company, issued the following statement on Feb. 11 via Soompi: "We would like to apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable about Ji Chang Wook's actions in the behind-the-scenes content from his drama that was released on Jan. 26."

"The behind-the-scenes content in question included a scene of actor Ji Chang Wook smoking an electronic cigarette indoors," the statement continued. "The scene brought discomfort to those who saw it as improper."

"Actor Ji Chang Wook also recognizes that his behavior was improper, and he feels sorry for disappointing many people. Once again, we deeply apologize to those who watched the content, along with the staff on set, the rest of the cast, and the viewers who gave their love to the drama."

The message concluded, "With this incident in mind, we will take special care to prevent this kind of improper behavior from reoccurring in the future. Once again, we sincerely apologize for giving many people cause for concern through this incident."

Welcome to Samdalri is a romantic drama directed by Cha Young Hoon, with Ji starring as Jo Yong Pil, a man who has dutifully stayed in his hometown of Jeju Island all his life in order to protect its citizens. Shin Hye Sun plays Jo Sam Dal, a childhood friend who is close to Jo Yong Pil.

The television drama concluded its run on Jan. 21 and achieved the highest rating of its entire season. Following its conclusion, the actors shared their final remarks regarding the drama.

Ji shared, per Soompi, "I was happy to greet viewers at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 through Jo Yong Pil. The warmth of 'Welcome to Samdalri' was completed thanks to the viewers who watched and related with the drama. I want to give thanks to everyone who watched and supported the drama."