Acclaimed Musician Dealing With Lead Paint Nightmare Amid Home Renovation

Acclaimed musician Lingua Ignota's recent home renovation project isn't going quite as planned. The multi-instrumentalist, real name Kristin Hayter, has been documenting the lengthy process of getting her home into shape over the course of the past several weeks, but things quickly descended into dangerous territory, with Ignota declaring, "I'm going to die," after she stepped into a lead paint nightmare.

The nightmare began back on Jan. 28 as the musician pulled up the carpet in one of the home's bedrooms. While Ignota was likely expecting, or at least hoping, to uncover beautiful hardwood floors, she instead found floors that were heavily painted. As she share d a video of the floors to Twitter, she asked in disbelief, "Who does this. Why did they do this. Why." Those sponge-painted floors soon became far more than just an eyesore, though. It was only after she began to use an orbital sander to remove the paint that she discovered the paint was lead paint, Ignota later telling her fans, "Update: it's lead paint. Sanding has ceased. I'm going to die."

Amid the nightmarish discovery, Ignota even changed her username to "Lingua "Lead Poisoning" Ignota." As Ignota shared the news, she got some reassurance from fans, with one person replying, "If it makes you feel better my dad and I spent an entire day sanding our garage without masks before we found out it was lead paint. We're both still here and that was probably 15-20 years ago now."

Unfortunately for Ignota, the lead paint was just the beginning of it, the musician later hilariously tweeting, "I don't want to make it seem like my house is trying to kill me, but today it was 4 degrees and I lost all heat, power on the second floor (guys just fixed it, all good) and now an alarm with floodlights that seems to have no purpose is going off." She said that she was unable to get to the alarm to turn it off because it's 12 feet off the ground and my ladder is covered with lead in the Lead Poisoning Room." She quipped that she planned to "throw a boot at it," later confirming, "Ok I beat the s- out of it with a 16 foot paint roller extension. problem solved."

Despite all of the upheaval, and potential risk to her own health, Ignota assured her followers on Feb. 5, "I know I'm talking mad shit on the house but I'm honestly fine." She added, "I love it here and fixing it up is immensely satisfying and I find all the weird crises hilarious and endearing."