Aaron Carter's Rant About Estranged Brother Nick Sends Backstreet Boys Fans Reeling

Aaron Carter kicked off September with a blistering Twitter rant while on an early morning flight Sunday morning. In his now-deleted tweets, Carter appeared to reignite the feud with his older brother, Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter. The "Aaron's Party" singer claimed he has yet to meet Nick's son and opened up about religion and addiction.

Carter, 31, was flying back to Los Angeles from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. He began a series of tweets, telling fans he was "looking forward to spending some time w my friends with my dirt bikes my mother and my music."

That turned out to be a deceptive start of a combative hour. He next tweeted, "Someone please show me a picture with me an ODIN MY NEPHEW!!?? do it!!"

"Nick and I don't know each other," Carter later told one fan. "I haven't even met my nephew and I just want you to know Oden [sic] even though I might never know you I love you."

Nick has one son, 3-year-old Odin Reign Carter, who is featured on his parents' social media accounts. Carter claimed he has never met Odin, and those tweets took Carter in a new direction.

"Delusional," Carter wrote. "How about an addict who both nick and [Nick's wife] Lauren are both allegedly recovering addicts and should know better. What about my mother!? Remember her the woman who gave up her dreams for nick for you!? Who is now a server at 60 years old at ruby Tuesdays? that's what she got."

Other fans claimed they have seen photos of Carder with Odin, but he insisted there were no photos.

"Show me a picture of me an ODIN my (supposed) FAMILY? who has all had their own shortcomings and shuns me!? My mother!? My Sister Bobbie Jean?" Carter tweeted. "Also this is my account, I fully support the constitutions. Did you forget Nick's book with Dr. Phil about all his families' shortcomings?"

He later continued, "Why don't you tell Nick to keep his families' shorcomings out of books then KNOWING THEY CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES... To make a profit off of their shortcomings? I'm too smart for this. TRUST ME."

Carter then appeared to backtrack, suggesting he might have been under the influence of drugs when he met Odin.

"Didn't have him when I was sober... I don't remember," Carter tweeted. "Then I'm shunned. And told to keep things off of social media but Nick can write a book knowing his family, (BESIDES ME) can NOT defend themselves? I forget Nick never got into any trouble in his life. My bad. Gtfo here."

Some of these tweets were deleted, but fans' responses on Twitter remain. Some said that even though they support Carter, he should not have been so angry at his brother.

Carter's angry messages to his brother came only a couple of days after he defended his need to own a rifle. He told TMZ at an airport he "needs" it to protect himself and said his mental stability is at "100,000" and "infinite" on a scale of one to 10.


Photo credit: Getty Images