Aaron Carter Lashes out at PETA Over Video of Mother Hitting Dog Amid Hospitalization

Singer Aaron Carter has added a feud with the animal rights group PETA to the long list of issues he is facing in recent weeks. The war of words started when the organization called out Carter's mother Jane Carter for appearing to slap a dog in an Instagram Live video Carter shared on Wednesday night before he was hospitalized. Jane has denied hitting the pet.

Hours before Carter was briefly hospitalized in Florida for exhaustion, the singer shared an Instagram Live video showing him and Jane driving through the state at night. They were joined by seven pugs, including puppies, notes E! News. At one point, it appeared that Jane appeared to hit one of the dogs.

PETA shared a capture of the scene on Twitter, asking Carter to "have a heart" because dogs are "family - not for IG likes." The post also made a reference to rumors that Carter sold a rescue dog in August.

"PETA, hi PETA. You're gonna f–, you're gonna after my mom? You're go after my mom, PETA?" Carter said in a Thursday Instagram Live video.

"Yes, I said, 'Get back' but I did not smack my dog. I would never smack my dog. My dogs love me," Jane said in a Periscope video Carter shared on Twitter.

"Do these look like dogs who are abused or unhappy? Do you think that if you're driving 75 miles an hour and you have puppies that are jumping up and up because we were eating food," Carter said in another Instagram Live session, reports E! News.

"And we don't believe in locking them all up all the time," Jane chimed in.

"No, the dogs aren't locked up. Our dogs aren't f--king locked up. Look at this, bro. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping," Carter said as he pointed to the dogs. "And then I see this video clip from f– PETA saying, 'Oh, You smacked the dog.' Well, yeah, of course my mom's gonna push the dog back from hitting the gear."

The mother and son also accused PETA of editing in a hitting sound into the Instagram Live video. Carter claimed he specializes in training pit bulls and they were disciplining the dogs.

Carter also published a series of tweets, threatening to "expose" PETA.

"You f– kill animals your true colors are going to be exposed and you’re not going to silence me f– you," Carter wrote. "For a number of years, we’ve called attention to the shameful hypocrisy of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)—an animal liberation group that has killed up to 97 percent of the dogs and cats in its 'animal shelter' [PETA] F– YOU. IM EXPOSING EVERYHING."

Back in August, Carter was accused of adopting dogs and reselling them for a profit. Carter denied the claim, insisting that the comment he made on Instagram Live that launched the allegation was a "joke."


Carter's hospitalization this week came amid his ongoing personal struggles and feuds with brother Nick Carter and twin sister Angel Carter. He has struggled with substance abuse in the past, and said he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, anxiety, manic depression and schizophrenia. He has also accused his late sister Leslie Carter and Nick of abuse. Nick did not directly respond to the claims, but did obtain a restraining order against his younger brother.

Photo credit: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for WE tv