Aaron Carter Says Impersonator Has Scammed Fans out of Nearly $50,000

Aaron Carter has a warning for his fans: Don't trust everyone online. The singer revealed on Monday that an impersonator has been scamming fans out of thousands of dollars, and it appears to be getting serious.

Carter, 31, tweeted on Monday that an unverified Twitter account has been contacting fans asking them to send him money. The singer said the person has collected nearly $50,000 thus far and is showing no signs of stopping. Carter confirmed that all accounts actually associated with him are verified and asked fans not to send money to other accounts.

"Alright straight up. I need all my fans to help find this person scamming my fans for money. Guys. You know I only have verified accounts if ur sending $ to a page that's not verified. You should know better. It's getting close to 50,000 $ of scamming Help catch this person," Carter wrote on Twitter.

In a second tweet about the situation, Carter reminded fans that his only Twitter and Instagram accounts are verified. He said that he wouldn't solicit money from fans and asked everyone to proceed with caution.

"all my accounts are verified. There's a reason for that. Please stop talking to scammers. You're not talking to me unless there's a verification badge next to it. I don't need anyone's money, and this is grand larceny now. Please be advised," Carter tweeted.

The scammer appeared to be messaging Carter's fans from a fan page. He or she alleged that they were raising money for an organization aimed at helping children called "Stand up for the kids." That does not appear to exist, however, and is not something Carter is associated with.

Carter hasn't revealed any information about the police being involved in the matter. It's unclear how many fans donated to the page or if they'll get their money back. Carter hasn't shared any more details, including when the scam began.

His tweets about the situation have been shared several times with fans, suggesting word is traveling fast.


This is the second controversy Carter has been involved in recently. It comes months after he came forward alleging that he had an encounter with Michael Jackson during his lifetime. He shared several details after the release of Leaving Neverland, which detailed two Jackson victims' experience with the late singer.

Carter was not in the documentary and hadn't previously spoken about his alleged encounter with Jackson before.