Aaron Carter 'Fixes' Giant Face Tattoo

Aaron Carter has made some adjustments to his massive face tattoo. Less than six months after debuting the new ink, which covers the entire expanse of the left side of his face, his girlfriend, Melanie Martin, revealed on Instagram Wednesday that the "Hard to Love" singer recently decided to "fix" the tattoo after having initially considered having it laser removed.

"He was gonna lazer (sic) it off but decided to fix it," Martin wrote on her Instagram Story, sharing a photo of Carter lying down as tattoo artist Ceaz Franco touched up the tattoo.

"Had to the opportunity to tattoo [Aaron Carter]," Franco wrote on his own Instagram Story. "Thanks for the hospitality and for the trust bro see you again soon."

In the photo Franco shared, the tattoo seems to be mostly intact, just slightly darker than it previously was. You can see images of the touched up ink on The Blast by clicking here.

Carter had first debuted the tattoo back in September, at the time sparking deeper concern over his mental health in the midst of his family drama with brother Nick Carter. The ink, as Carter later explained, was Rihanna's 2013 Medusa-inspired cover photo for GQ magazine, as "Medusa is my protector. If you want to come at me with some negativity, my Medusa will stare you in the eye and turn you into stone."

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The "Sooner or Later" singer had shelled out a grand total of $5,000 for the tattoo, which was completed by Herchell Carrasco, who goes by RockRollG. Speaking with TMZ, Carrasco admitted that he was initially reluctant to place such a massive tattoo on Carter's face, though they both eventually came to an agreement.

"[Carter] wanted to keep going and I had to stop him. I couldn't cover his whole face in a tattoo. I just couldn't," he said, explaining that Carter initially wanted the tattoo directly in the center of his face.


Addressing those concerned that the tattoo was a signal of Carter's deteriorating mental health, Carrasco said that the singer seemed to be "in a good place mentally to get tattooed."

Carter has since debuted even more ink, including a new neck tattoo that he first showed off in October, just after debuting his face tattoo.