Aaron Carter Admits to Selling Guns, Getting Treatment Following Brother Nick's Restraining Order

Aaron Carter is making some major changes to his life after both his brother, Nick Carter, and his twin sister, Angel Carter, were granted temporary restraining orders against him after they alleged he threatened them and their loved ones. TMZ reports that just days after a judge granted the orders, the singer has now sold all of his guns and is seeking professional help in the form of treatment.

"I sold all of my guns yesterday," he told the outlet, showing documents as proof of the sales before confirming that he no longer has any firearms in his home.

Carter explained that he had three documents proving the sales and that the other two firearms had been surrendered to the sheriff's station, as was reported last week. When the reporter pointed out that surrendering his firearms was an order and not a choice due to the restraining orders against him, Carter agreed, though he would not comment on if he had any intentions of getting his firearms back once the restraining orders are up.

Carter also explained that despite the current drama shrouding his family, he is doing well and even has many "TV shows coming up that are happening right now and a lot of people want to do TV opportunities with me," including MTV and WE TV. He also explained that he has been "privately" seeking professional help for more than a year.

"I'm privately working with [a doctor], and he's been helping me out for like a year, and I've already tapered off Xanax for five days," he said. "I'm very public about that stuff, and I've been working with my general practitioner here to do that."

Carter also cast doubt on his siblings' claims that he made alarming comments during a number of phone calls and FaceTime calls in the past months, including statements that he had thoughts of "killing babies" and thoughts of "killing Lauren Kitt," his brother's wife.

"I don't want to speak about my family and it's just not something that I want to mention at this point. I've done all that I can do," he said. "My brother got a restraining order against me a month-and-a-half after he found out that I supposedly 'wanted to kill him.' It's like, why would you wait that long, though, if that's actually how he truly felt. He waited a month-and-a-half to do that when he felt like that. You would probably do that sooner if you were smarter and that was actually legitimately the case."


Carter went on to confirm that he believes the restraining orders to be "malicious" in intent stated that "the abuse that I have endured is apparent."