'90210' Star Jennie Garth Slams Troll Who Accused Her of Having Drastic Plastic Surgery

Jennie Garth isn't taking criticisms about her appearance lying down. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star clapped back at social media trolls commenting on her face, saying it looked like she had undergone plastic surgery.

(Photo: Instagram / @jenniegarth)

When Garth, 46, shared an Instagram photo with 90210 co-star Tori Spelling, 45, on Monday, many fans were delighted to see Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin together again — but others accused Garth of having too much work done.

"Working with my favorite partner in crime!" Garth captioned the photo.

"Oh Jennie! You are beautiful & don't need all that Botox! Sadly you are unrecognizable here!" one user wrote. Garth responded, "thank you?"

Another troll wrote that the actress "seems so fake," to which Garth clapped back, "Nope, I'm human."

"Omg what happened to your faces?" a third person wrote, to which the Dancing With the Stars alum quipped, "ha you're amazing."

The user backtracked on their insult, writing, "@jenniegarth didn't mean to offend u... i just can't believe how fast time flies...anyway all the best."

Garth and Spelling, two oo the only original 90210 cast members to star on the drama for all 10 seasons from 1990 to 2000, are set to join Jason Priestly, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green and Gabrielle Carteris for a quasi-revival of the series. The series, which is set to premiere on FOX this summer, plans to honor Luke Perry, who shot to fame as Dylan McKay on the series and who died last month after suffering a massive stroke.

CBS Television Studios president David Stapf opened up about the reunion mini-series and acknowledged that while Perry "was going to be one of the few who was not going to be in it, because he was committed to Riverdale," the 90210 producers plan to find a way to pay tribute to him.

"How we deal with that moving forward is yet to be determined. That's something the writers are going to have to figure out," Stapf added.

Garth was criticized immediately following Perry's death for not quickly sharing a social media tribute to her late co-star.


"Hey everyone … I chose to post a pic of my girls today. Because they are my life. Because today is a day to celebrate all women," she wrote in the comments section of a photo of her three daughters on March 8, which also happened to be International Women's Day. "It took a lot for me to want to celebrate anything. I thought about it and I know that's the way my dear friend would have wanted it."

She added: "[Luke's] kids were his life. And anyone who knew him knows that and knows he didn't give a f*#k about social media. So please don't assume or judge or make rude comments. That's really uncool. Sincerely, Jennie."