50 Cent Surprises Fans With Weight Loss in New Photos

50 Cent's appearance led fans to speculate that he had taken Ozempic.

50 Cent showed off his weight loss via social media on Sunday, sporting a white Amiri T-shirt underneath a black velvet blazer, gray jeans, and white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. "GLG GreenLightGang 2024 I'm gonna shake things up. time to work let's get it!" he captioned the post.

Despite this, fans could not help but notice that 50, real name Curtis Jackson, looked much slimmer than he had before and wondered if the Type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic had had any role in his leaner physique.

Page Six reported that a source close to 50 informed them that he is not on Ozempic and has been on a "rigorous" training program for the last eight months.

He began training "three hours a day, every day," before launching his Final Lap tour last summer, according to the insider. After making a surprise appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022, 50's weight was criticized.

As he performed "In Da Club," the Power star hung upside down, reenacting the move in the music video. However, fans on social media criticized him for his apparent weight gain.

In an August interview with Men's Health, 50 revealed that he gained weight during the pandemic but maintained that it was intentional, saying, "I put more weight on for the role on the ABC show [For Life]. I was eating everything to get as big as possible. Because it was a jailhouse [role], so it didn't matter if I wasn't cut up."

The article noted that "50 aims to drop more body fat" for the aforementioned The Final Lap Tour in an attempt to get back to peak performing condition. "When I'm in top shape, I'm not sweating until song four," he said before mocking the out-of-shape performers. "They sweatin' on the second verse. Like, 'You just got out there and you soaking wet!'"

He also recalled another time when he lost significant weight after being shot nine times in 2000. 50 discussed his perspective on losing weight in the aftermath of the traumatic incident.

"When you slim down, you see everything," he said before referencing the paranoia he experienced in the early days of his fitness journey. "I'm also working out to get myself stronger, 'cause who's to say you're not gonna get hit again?"

He noted that now age was a significant motivating factor in exercising. "It's more important to get back in shape now than it was then," 50 said. "Simply because I'm getting older. It's harder."